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Best Rated Bissell Vacuum Cleaners: Comparison And Reviews Of The Top Models In 2018

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In a hurry? Best Overall: PowerGlide Pet | Best Cordless: 1984 Air Ram

I know that a lot of people who are looking for a new vacuum cleaner will think of Dyson and maybe even Shark, but one company that deserves more attention is Bissell.

Thanks to their reliability and affordability, Bissell is, in fact, the number one manufacturer of floor care products in North America in terms of sales.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

I have had the chance to take three of their most popular models out for a test drive and I have been very happy with the results. One other thing that is worth mentioning is that Bissel often gives a five-year guarantee with their products which is fantastic.

What I think is great about the Bissel range of upright vacuums is that they are going for a Dyson level of power and features but at a fraction of the price.

I have two kids and two dogs so as you can imagine the floors in my house get messy…..a lot! From the carpet in the living room to the hardwood floor hallway.

It feels like they go out of their way to make a mess. Well, I have tested these three models out so we can all see what are the best Bissel vacuum cleaners.

Top 3 Bissell Vacuums For 2018

1. Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright

The Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright is one of the most popular vacuums that the guys and gals at Bissell have on the market.

Out of the three vacuums I have looked at, this is the largest. It has a really high-quality look and design to it.

At first glance, it may look a little “clunky” but it handles like a dream!

The head can actually swivel, which actually took me by surprise. This is great for getting around chair legs and things like that.

2-In-1 Vacuum That Includes A Lift-Away Canister

Bissell is marketing this as a two in one bagless vacuum and that if you ask me is the best way to describe it. The default standard upright vacuum mode is what you will be using to deal with your carpets and hardwood floors.

I went from living room to hallway and even the tile floor in the kitchen and found that it picked up the majority of what I came across, stubborn things like Oreos took a couple goings over, but everything that I ran over with this was picked up.

Speaking of the canister, it can actually be removed from the main body. This is awesome! It allows you to get on top of the sofa easily, under it, you can vacuum the kid's beds, the stairs, under objects and everything in between.

It comes with different attachments so things like pet hair that is stuck in the arms of your sofa are easy to lift up. I think this is a great feature and at this price having two vacuums in one is incredible.

Pet TurboEraser Tool And Multi-Cyclonic Separation

For stairs and other really welded on dirt, I used the Pet TurboEraser Tool. This thing is great and while it has pet tool in the name, I found that this was great for picking up any snacks that the kids have spilled around the house.

Emptying it is very easy and you will not have to touch or breath in any of the dust. Which by the way is not going to be all over your house as the air this pumps out is not filled with dust and other annoying and nasty stuff.

The suction system in this vacuum is very interesting as it uses what they call a “Multi-Cyclonic Separation” which keeps the big bits of debris that it picks up out of the filter which in turn makes sure the air the vacuum pumps out is clean and also that the vacuum stays in working condition.

You lose no suction power either when you are using this in handheld mode. I found that very impressive as it was something I was a little concerned with.

So if the kids have snuck a bowl of nachos upstairs and more of them have ended up on the bedroom floor than in their mouth. You will find that being able to take the canister off and use it as a hand vac is a feature that you get a ton of use out of.

27-Foot Long Power Cord For Whole House Cleaning

When you lift of the canister, you do still have to have the power cord connected, but the Bissell PowerGlide Bagless vacuum does have a 27-foot long power cord which is more than long enough for most houses.

I would love if this were wireless, but that, of course, would raise the price well over 200 bucks, so I think that it is a fair trade-off.

Bissell really blew me away with this one. It is two vacuum cleaners in one and comes with more than enough attachments to make sure that the whole house can be cleaned properly.

The actual vacuum cleaner is great and the fact that it is coming in at well under 200 bucks makes it one of the best deals on the market right now.

2. Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless

At well under 200 bucks, the Bissel 1984 Air Ram Cordless is a vacuum cleaner that impressed me as soon as I took it out of the box.

They have clearly gone for a kind of retro style with this and I think that is awesome.

It was not the “cool” style that caught my eye when I first set it up, it was the weight.

This is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners that I have ever had the pleasure to use.

Up To 40 Minutes Of Powerful Cordless Cleaning

Let’s start with one of the main features of this vacuum and that is the fact it is completely cordless. From a full charge, you get around 40 minutes of cleaning time which is right around what the most expensive Dyson’s are offering!

As the Bissel 1984 Air Ram is cordless, it means that you can literally do the whole house without having to plug into a different power outlet or have to worry about the power cable getting tangled around the table…. Or one of the dogs!

The power of the suction was actually far better than I thought it was going to be. You may have to go over some really stubborn areas (the kids spilled cereal for example) twice, but this more than gets the job done.

One of the best things about it was the way that it can easily go from carpet to solid floors. For example, I managed to blast the living room and then go straight into the hallway where we have hardwood floors.

Not only did it pick up all the crud that my 7-year-old dragged into the house, it took good care of my wooden floor too!

Ergonomic Design And LED Lights

Now, I want to go back to the carpet for a second and let you know one of the coolest features that this Bissell vacuum has. It can actually lay pretty much all the way flat. This means that you can get right under the sofa, the table and any other areas like this.

The LED light on the front lets you see what you are vacuuming and in general, I think that the Bissel 1984 Air Ram Cordless does allow you to really thoroughly clean your floors. Now there is no wand or pet attachment which is a little disappointing.

However as this is so light, I was able to pick it up and actually vacuum the whole sofa! Even doing the stairs was nice and easy thanks to the lightweight and compact design.

The dirt bin is not the biggest, but I found I was able to do the whole house without even coming close to filing it up. What I really like about the dirt bin is how easy it is to get rid of the mess.

Some vacuums end up with dirt and pet hair stuck in the canister, this “dirt bin” is not like that as once you remove it and hold it over the garbage, the lever actually pushes out all of the mess, meaning you never need to actually touch it.

For the price, the Bissel 1984 Air Ram Cordless is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. As a parent who has two kids and two pets making a mess every waking hour, I found that it was able to keep up with my family.

It may not be the most powerful, but if you want something that is easy to use, affordable and wireless, I think that you will be impressed by what this offers.

3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright

The next Bissell vacuum we are checking out is the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser.

One of the more interesting things I need to tell you right away about this vacuum cleaner is that it comes in many different styles.

Of course, the first thing that captures your eye about this vacuum is the style, that light green looks really cool and it does give the vacuum a kind of futuristic look to it.

There are even LED lights on the front of the vacuum which can come in handy as they show you any hidden dirt, especially at the edges of things like the sofa and coffee table.

Made For Pet Hair, Excellent On Any Surface

Bissel has created this vacuum with pet hair in mind and as I have two dogs, I was happy to see this.

You may think that this limits what the vacuum can do, but if you have pets, you know how welded onto the carpet and sofa pet hair can get and any vacuum that can get it all off must have some serious power.

The brush roll in the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is some kind of wizard as it does not allow pet hair to get all tangled around it. Not only this the powerful suction that the vacuum has managed to pick up everything that came in its path.

I am talking about Cookie Crisp, Skittles and a lot of other mess that the kids lovingly decided to sprinkle around the living room.

Bissell proudly claims that this vacuum offers edge to edge suction which means that the vacuum actually sucks up debris where the whole head of the vacuum is, not just the section in the middle.

Gentle Brushroll To Protect Your Hardwood Floor

In our house, we have a mixture of carpets and solid wood floors. The living room carpet was no match for this and I was very happy with how it picked up dirt.

The hardwood floors I was a little unsure of, but thankfully, it managed to pick up all the dirt and mess that the kids had dragged in from the backyard. The brushes, while powerful are actually quite gentle so your wooden floors are perfectly safe with this. 

Speaking of the coffee table, the whole head can actually swivel so it makes vacuuming rooms that have things like tables and chairs in them much easier and less of a hassle.

Extra-Long Bissell Wand For Hard To Reach Areas

As this is made for people with pets, Bissel has made it so the wand is nice and long.

I used this to vacuum all the pet hair off the sofa and it ripped it right up, you can, of course, use this for the corners of the room, the kid's beds and under the sofa as well.

Anywhere the pets sleep is no match for this wand! I think that the wand attachment is more than enough for most people and that while the other versions of this Bissell vacuum may come with extra attachments, most people will get on just fine with the wand.

Once you have finished your vacuuming for the day, you do not have to worry about touching any of the nasty stuff you have just picked up. You lift the canister over the garbage can pull the release and it all falls in.

It even has a smart filtration system that makes sure the air it pumps out is not full of dust and allergens. My only little “criticism” is that the power cord could be a little longer, but to be honest with you it is not as big a deal as I am making it out to be.

I think that the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. If you have pets and you want a vacuum that is not just designed to keep the house clean, but with pets in mind, you will be very happy with what this vacuum offers.

Using Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

What Is The Best Bissel Vacuum Cleaner?

I tested all three of these upright vacuums multiple times and honestly did not find any of them performing poorly.

They all did a great job, but there is one for me that does stand out from the pack and that is the Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright.

The fact that the canister can come off and allow you to vacuum all over the house is something that comes in really handy, especially if you have kids and pets.

I will say that all three of these are great and while that is the model I liked best, you really cannot go wrong with any of these.

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