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The Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners – 5 Top Picks for Home or Office Use

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oreck upright u20000r1

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hoover portapower lightweight ch300000





sanitaire commercial upright sc888k bagged





hoover commercial windtunner upright





dyson ball multi floor 2 upright





In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Rubbermaid 1868436 | Best Overall Choice: Oreck U2000R1

Purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner is a great idea if you will be using your vacuum on a very regular basis and you want to make sure that it is robust enough to last you many years.

There are so many vacuum cleaners on the market right now that knowing what the best commercial vacuum cleaners are can be a real challenge.

In total, I will be checking out five commercial vacuums. We will put each one through its paces and give you our honest opinion on each one.

Best Commercial Vacuum

So before you look at the overall price tag and decide to just buy the cheapest one out there, make sure you have a look at each review as we will let you know what each one of these is going to offer you.

The last thing you want is to think you are saving money by buying the cheapest vacuum that you can and for it to end up not being good enough for what you need.

Best Overall: Oreck Commercial Upright U2000R1

Look, we all know at first glance the Oreck U2000R1 has a very 1980’s kind of style to it, but that is a huge part of its charm.

Plus despite the rather large appearance, this weighs in at under 9 pounds which makes moving it around your home, garage, factory or wherever very easy.

It’s in the middle price range, with all the added sophistication of the best commercial vacuum.

Helping Hand Handle for Comfort

One of the things that makes this one of the more popular commercial vacuum cleaners is Oreck’s handle. Rather than just having a straight handle that can be uncomfortable after about five minutes, this vacuum has what they call the Helping Hand Handle, which is much more comfortable to hold for an extended period of time.

You have a lot of power on your hands with the Oreck Commercial Vacuum. At 5000-6500 RPM you are getting some very powerful and high-speed vacuuming.

 Plus the 12-inch wide head gives you a very wide cleaning path which can make vacuuming take far less time and anything that makes vacuuming a quicker job deserves a thumbs up!

Side Brushes for Walls and Corners

One thing that is really neat is that along the sides of the head is a rather thick and strong brush. This means that when you are right up against the wall, any dust, dirt or mess that is there will be brushed off and then be able to be easily cleaned by the vacuum.

We tested this out on quite a few different surfaces and were very pleased with the results, especially on shorter carpet. No dog hair or mess from lunch is getting missed by this!

Now one thing that does need to be said is the noise. As this is firing at 5000-6500 RPM, it can get fairly loud, but the flip side of this is that you will not need to be vacuuming as long so it is a fair trade-off.

If you are using this in a commercial environment such as an office or restaurant then the noise will not matter so much, as there will be no employees or customers around when the vacuuming is done. A vacuum cleaner that runs quietly is of no real benefit in this situation.

Automatic Floor Adjustment

Oreck Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

It also has an automatic floor adjustment. So if you are going from carpet to hardwood floor, you do not have to mess around with levers or buttons.

You can just go straight from one to the other. This really does help with making vacuuming a large area so much quicker.

While their awesome Helping Hand Handle and the very low weight of the vacuum make it easy to move around, the 40 feet long power cord is also a factor in making this easy to use. 40 feet is incredibly long and will stop you having to unplug and then plug back in every five minutes.

Speaking of five minutes, you will find that it takes even less than that to change the bag inside the vacuum and when you do, that also is an easy and straightforward process. Thankfully the bag is very large, so this can capture a lot of mess before you need to even think about emptying it.

The Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum is a very powerful and efficient commercial vacuum cleaner which thanks to the design choices, is very easy and comfortable to use.

2. Hoover PortaPower Lightweight Canister CH30000

At a little over 100 bucks, there is no denying that the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower is one of the best deals when it comes to a commercial vacuum cleaner.

You will always find this one here in a list of the best commercial vacuum cleaners and it is very easy to see why.

Hoover has gone for a very compact kind of design and if you are tight on space and want a vacuum that once it is not in use, you can hide it away, the compact size of this does allow you to do that.

Compact and Lightweight

Of course, at this price, you are not getting the most powerful vacuum in the world, but Hoover has tried to make up for this lack of horsepower in other ways. First of all the compact and light design allows you to take this all over a property, not just that, but you could even take it out to your car.

The Hoover CH30000 PortaPower comes with multiple heads for the vacuum to allow you the ability to clean anywhere. The standard head is quite large and ideal for areas like a living room carpet.

There is also a smaller, finer head that is best used for things like hardwood floors. The other tools are a bit more specific and these are what is going to allow you to get into every nook and cranny in your house.

Lots of Attachments and Tools

The brush tool is great if you have pets. You can use that rugged brush to get the hair up and then the idea is the vacuum just sucks it right up. Anything that the kids or you have smashed into the carpet can be given a rub with this and then vacuumed up to make it a bit easier for you. There is also what we will call a crevice tool.

This long nozzle attaches to the end of the hose and with this, you can reach under areas like a sofa, coffee table or a bed. Thanks to the vacuum being so lightweight, you could even hold it as you do the top of the curtains and get rid of that spider hotel of cobwebs that you have not been able to reach before.

Hoover Ch30000 With Attachments

So while we would have to say this is a little lacking in the power department, you do get all of these attachments which when you figure out how to use for each room of your house, will really allow you to get in there and clean it properly. In addition to the lightweight and compact design and also the various attachments.

Hoover has also included a very nice 33 feet long power cable which will let you go from room to room much easier.

Reusable or Disposable Bags

Like other commercial vacuum cleaners, this one does make use of bags. What is neat is that you can either use a reusable commercial cloth bag or if you want, you can actually use disposable paper bags.

This is a very nice feature and it is sure to come in handy for some people.

The Hoover CH30000 PortaPower is a great vacuum if you are looking for something with a lot of features, but a low price.

3. Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC888K

The Sanitaire SC888K is the real deal when it comes to a commercial vacuum cleaner!

Sanitaire is not messing around here and while you could use this in your home, they are actually marketing this for commercial use so hotels, schools, factories, large buildings.

In the other words you can take this vacuum anywhere that is going to need vacuuming on quite a regular basis.

Powerful Cleaning for Every Day

Let’s start with the most important thing when it comes to a vacuum, the power. When you are looking at the best commercial vacuum cleaners, power is always going to be high on your list of priorities and at 7 amps, this one has some serious power.

Which along with the 12-inch width of the head makes vacuuming much easier and quicker. You can clean up a large room with this in no time at all thanks to the design. There are no attachments at all here, but to be honest with you, that is not what this vacuum is about.

It is meant for those who need to grab the vacuum out of the closet, clean up the floor and then put it back on a daily basis.

50 Feet Long Power Cord

One of the real standout features (apart from the power of its suction of course) is the power cord. Now we are all used to seeing commercial vacuums have 30 – 40 feet long power cords, but this one here from Sanitaire, kicks things up a notch by giving you a 50 feet long power cord! That is just insane!

So if you were using this for your house, and unless you live in a Scrooge McDuck sized mansion, you can plug this in one room and get nearly a whole floor of your house (or maybe the whole floor!) done without having to unplug it and plug it back in, in a different room.

A long power cord may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but it is another feature that makes vacuuming quicker and easier for you.

As you would expect, there is a bit of noise when this vacuum is in use. However, you cannot be too harsh on Sanitaire for that as if you want a powerful vacuum, you have to put up with a bit of noise, it is just the way it goes.

Large and Easy to Change Bags

Sanitaire SC888 Vacuum

The size of bag that this vacuum takes is very large, so you are going to get a crazy amount of use out of it before you have to change the bag. When you do it is very easy, there is a nice large zipper on the bag on the back and you open it up, get rid of the old one and place in the new one, it really could not be any easier.

While this is one of the most powerful and best commercial vacuum cleaners, it is also one of the more expensive ones out there. If you want the kind of powerful suction that this offers (which makes vacuuming much quicker and easier) then you have to expect to pay this kind of price for it.

If you want a lot of raw power and have a business or even a house that needs cleaning on a daily basis, the Sanitaire SC888K could be just what you are looking for.

4. Hoover Commercial WindTunnel C1703900

This may be a commercial vacuum, but Hoover has done a great job here in making sure the WindTunnel C1703900 vacuum is not just for business or factories, but suitable for the home and pretty much anywhere.

It has a classic vacuum look to it and it is actually far lighter than the pictures suggest.

We picked this vacuum from Hoovers WindTunnel series because it have all that you will need.

WindTunnel Technology for Powerful Vacuuming

The suction power of this is great. Inside the vacuum is Hoovers “WindTunnel Technology”. There are three tunnels inside the vacuum that do not just suck the dirt and mess that come in its way, they lift it, making the cleaning easier, faster and more thorough than a standard vacuum.

While it is very powerful, it is not actually as loud as you would think which is a very nice bonus as even some of the best commercial vacuum cleaners out there can run a little loud.

To go with the powerful suction, you can use this on any surface, from thick carpet to thin all the way to hardwood floors. This is because on the front of the head there is a slider that you can adjust to five different heights.

Now you may think that having to manually adjust something in 2018 is a pain. However, this works very well and you will soon find out what setting is best for each room you are vacuuming. You are going to be using this feature a lot and it is literally as easy as sliding it from left to right.

Side Brushes and Intelligent Wheels

There are some side brushes along the head which come in really handy. These help pick up and trap any extra dirt or dust that is trying to escape. The wheels that Hoover have used are also cleverly chosen as these can zoom across any surface that you are vacuuming. They work so well, you forget they are even there!

One of the best things about the Hoover Commercial WindTunnel is the way that Hoover have packed this with extras and best of all they all have a spot on the vacuum. The 12-inch wand is great if you need to get under the sofa or even vacuum something that is up high.

They also include a crevice tool for getting down the side of the couch, but this is also nice and long at 11 inches so no dust, crumbs or even potato chips can hide!

Upholstery Brush and Reusable Bags

Hoover Commercial Upright Vacuum

They also give you a special brush for your upholstery. If you have dogs that like to leave their hair all over the sofa, this is what is going to get it all up. The fact each of these extras has its own little spot on the vacuum so they are always there when you need them is a nice touch.

You will have to empty the bag and you can use disposable ones if you want. But this does come with a very heavy duty reusable cloth bag which can actually be washed in the washing machine if you ever feel it is getting a little too dusty.

At under 200 bucks, you really will struggle to find a vacuum that offers as many features as this one does. The power cord is a nice 35 feet long which while not the longest we have looked at today, should be long enough for most people.

The Hoover Commercial WindTunnel is ideal if you are looking for a commercial vacuum cleaner that can do it all.

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series 1868436

At a little over 100 bucks, the price alone is sure to grab your attention when it comes to the Rubbermaid Commercial.

What the folks at Rubbermaid have gone for here is a commercial vacuum cleaner that is just all straight to business.

There may be no fancy extras with this like the others have, but that is reflected in the price and also the fact that this is clearly designed for those of you who need a vacuum that is just there to clean the floors once a day or multiple times per week.

Great Cleaning at a Budget Price

This particular version features a 12-inch head which is nice and wide, but there is also a slightly more expensive 15-inch head version also available.

Six Different Height Settings for Any Surface

What Rubbermaid have done to make sure that this is able to vacuum on any kind of surface is be very clever with the design. While this may not be one of the more powerful vacuums on the market, they do allow you to adjust the height to make it easier to clean up certain types of floor.

For example, you will want it set to a different height for a thick carpet than you would a hardwood floor. It actually has six different heights that it can be set to. This means that no matter what kind of floor you are looking to keep clean, you can set this to the perfect height to do it.

The design that they have gone for makes the Rubbermaid Commercial 1868436 nice and lightweight. Not only that, while most people will store this standing vertically up.

You can lay it nearly all the way flat which not only allows you to get under tight spaces when you are vacuuming, but it can also come in handy when storing the vacuum.

The power cord is 40 feet long so you can do a very large area without having to worry about changing power outlets.

Cheap Bags and Easy Maintenance

Rubbermaid Vacuum

Now, this does use disposable bags, but the kind of bags that the Rubbermaid Commercial uses are very cheap, you can get a bundle for very little money.

These are large bags too, so it is going to be a very long time before you even come close to thinking of having to replace one.

While we are talking about the bag, it is important to note that this vacuum does not spit out a lot of dust while it is vacuuming. Which is something your nose, eyes, and lungs will thank you for.

Another nice feature of this vacuum is how easy it is when it comes to maintenance. Now the average Joe is not going to be tinkering with their commercial vacuum. However, Rubbermaid has made it very easy to change the belt, keep the brush roll clean or even replace it.

So if you are a person who is a little “handy” it is not an exaggeration to say that with a little help from you, this could give you a lifetime of use.

While this Rubbermaid may not be the fanciest commercial vacuum cleaner on this list. If you want something that is simple, good for all floor types and very easy on your bank balance, you need to take a closer look at this.

Who Needs A Commercial Vacuum And What Are The Benefits Of A Commercial Vacuum?

You may be wondering why would you want a commercial vacuum cleaner when you can buy a vacuum from your local supermarket for 20 bucks?

Well, that is what we are looking at here. We are showing you what the benefits of having a commercial vacuum cleaner are.

You Can Save Money In The Long Run

We all know that the first thing you looked at when checking out those vacuums we just reviewed was the price! It is only natural for us to want to get as much bang for your buck as possible, but sometimes spending more money up front can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The best commercial vacuum cleaners may cost you over a 100 bucks, but they are designed to last much, much longer.

They tend to be made of much more sturdy and robust parts which require very little maintenance. We have all bought that bargain vacuum cleaner only to have it break on is in a year!

Maintenance Tends To Be Easier

While we just said that commercial vacuums tend to need very little maintenance. If after a while you do need a new roller, new wheel or some other part. Parts for commercial vacuums tend to be much more readily available than those for standard vacuums.

The reason for this is that those budget-priced vacuums tend to be designed until the break, you throw it out and get a new one. That is not the case with a commercial vacuum and as a result, it can be easier to get new parts if they are needed.

Customer Service Tends To Be Easier

The people who offer commercial vacuums know that most of the time they will be purchased by a business.

That is why they tend to make it easier to get in touch with someone if you do need a new part, have a question or the vacuum is not doing what you need it to do.

They Are Designed To Be Used Over And Over Again

How to Vacuum Large Offices

Most people (well sane people) will vacuum their house on a weekly basis, maybe twice a week if you have pets and kids running amuck. Even the more expensive vacuums are designed with this kind of use in mind.

A commercial vacuum though is built with the intention that it is going to be used at least once a day and used pretty hard. That is why they are made the way that they are. They are designed so that a business or can get them out at the end of each day and give the floor a really good cleaning.

High-Quality Components

We are not saying that you can use your commercial vacuum to make a spaceship or anything. However, as we have said before they do tend to go for much more high-quality components. While many people will tell you to consider just the quality.

It is the overall robustness of everything about a commercial vacuum, things you do not even consider like the belt, the screws and so on. A commercial vacuum will use ones that are going to give you many years of use and also be able to take a lot of abuse.

Many Are Designed To Handle All Surfaces

All of what we would class as the best commercial vacuum cleaners have one thing in common and that is their versatility.

Some allow you to manually adjust the height of the vacuum so that you can take care of any kind of surface and others will allow you to remove a hose so that you can get into more tight and awkward areas.

They Get The Job Done!

We have all been that person who at some point or another has been responsible for running the vacuum around the workplace or of course at home. Well, a commercial vacuum is designed to get the job done as quickly as possible.

This actually ties into them allowing you to vacuum different surfaces.

They are designed to be brought out, run around and then put away fairly quickly. One thing you may have noticed is that most of the vacuums we have looked at today have a large 11 to 15-inch long head. This is all part of allowing you to vacuum as quickly as possible.

They Make The Air Better

The majority of commercial vacuums on the market today (even the lower priced ones) will have some kind of filtration system.

Be it a HEPA filtering system or just some more simple filters in place to stop all the dust getting blown up all over the workplace or home.

There will be not just less dust, but less bacteria, and creepy microbes that can make you sick. So if you have a workplace, as well as keeping the floors clean, it will help keep the air clean which will mean that people will be less likely to get sick.

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Perfect For Businesses

While there is nothing wrong with getting a commercial vacuum for the home, many of the benefits we have just talked about ensure getting a commercial vacuum for a business a great idea.

At the end of the day, that is who these types of vacuum cleaners are aimed at. The last thing you want to do after work is play around with a vacuum that barely works because you bought one designed for domestic use that cost you under 20 bucks!

So What Is The Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Office Vacuuming

This is a much harder question to answer than you would think, but in all honesty, all five of the ones we looked at do their job well.

For example, the Hoover Commercial WindTunnel has the most bells and whistles and if you had to point at one of the vacuums we looked at and say for sure “that one is the best on the list” it would most likely be that one.

However, this is one of the more expensive ones and if you are on a budget be it a personal one or a business one, you may want to consider getting one of the lower priced ones.

A lower-priced commercial vacuum is still going to give you more value for your money and years of use than a standard vacuum.

If you are here looking for the best commercial vacuum cleaner, you are already on the right track and we would suggest that instead of just looking at the price. Look at things like, the extra attachments, the size of the head, what kind of bags does it use? and of course customer reviews.

Look at all these things and then decide which one fits your needs best, then look at the price.

This way you will get a vacuum that is going to do the job you want it to do rather than one that you are buying just because you feel the price is right.

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