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Best Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum Reviews For 2018

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shark duoclean rocket corded





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dibea 600w lightweight corded stick





shark rocket ultra light upright





In a hurry? Best Overall Choice: Shark DuoClean Rocket | Best Budget Choice: Dibea 600W

In reality, no one really likes to vacuum the house, no matter if you are like me and have two kids, two dogs and a partner who love to make a mess on a daily basis, or if you live on your own and try to keep the mess to a minimum.

Vacuuming is one of those activities that we all have to do, but it feels like a real chore, especially if your vacuum is not that great and you need to go over the same area time and time again.

Woman Vacuuming Living Room

Stick vacuums are awesome if you have a lot of awkward areas in your house and you need to get into those tight spots.

I have put all three of these stick vacuum cleaners through their paces (which is quite the ordeal in my house!) and I will give my honest opinions on each one.

So if you are looking for the best stick vacuum, keep on reading as one of these is going to be it.

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded

I am a pretty big fan of Shark, I have used their products before and been impressed with what I have experienced.

The Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded is coming in at a little under the 200 dollar mark and I think that is a great price.

Shark really love to promote this one and it is one of their most marketed vacuum cleaners.

Chances are if you have seen a Shark commercial, it is for this corded stick vacuum here.

The DuoClean line is great as it is all about their DuoClean technology that has two heads that work in unison to really get in deep.

Nice Design And DuoClean Technology

The upright stick design of this vacuum is very nice, it is a perfect size and when I took it out of the packaging and got it all set up, I was impressed with how light it is.

Shark have designed this so that it is able to vacuum every nook and cranny of your house from the living room, the stairs and the hot zone that is known as the kid's bedrooms.

The DuoClean technology has a strong bristle brush along with a soft brush roll. These work in tandem to get nice and deep into your carpet.

We have a really thick, living room carpet and the kids love to spill their cereal on it and all other kinds of nastiness. The Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded managed to get in deep enough to suck it all up. Our last vacuum, I would have to bend down and pick it up myself.

Suitable for Carpet And Hardwood Floors

As well as the carpet, the hardwood floors that we have in our hallways were no trouble for this. I do not know about your pets, but my dog's hair likes to get all over the hardwood floors.

The two brush rolls that are in this corded stick vacuum allow it to glide over the hardwood floors while not scratching them up, but at the same time, it is able to pick up any debris it comes across.

While this is a stick vacuum, it has a lot of customization options. I used it in regular mode for doing the floors, which is made all the easier thanks to the head being able to move. So those chair legs and table legs are not an issue.

You can take this main head off and you can then use one of the different attachments. First one is a godsend if you have pets, the hair removal tool. With this attached, it picks up even the most stubborn pet hair that is on your sofa or stairs.

The duster crevice tool is what you can use to get into the areas of the sofas, the beds and the corners of the room without much of a hassle.

Extra Long Cord And Large Dirt Canister

The cord is nice and long, long enough that you do not have to worry about having to change sockets all the time. Another thing that makes it nice and easy is getting rid of the debris.

The canister holds far more garbage than you would think and thanks to the filtration system, you do not have to worry about breathing in a bunch of horrible dust.

The Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded is a truly fantastic vacuum cleaner and I can see why it is regarded as one of the top corded stick vacuums on the market right now. If you want a vacuum that can blitz the whole house, top to bottom this is it.

Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick

Full disclosure here, Dibea is not a company that I know a whole lot about. Shark, Dyson, Hoover, they are all vacuum brands that are well known, but Dibea?

First thing I need to tell you about this one is the price. It is under 100 bucks….

Actually, it is far closer to 50 than a flat 100. So if you are looking at corded stick vacuums that are being sold at a real budget price, you need to take a closer look at the Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick which we are going to do right now.

Powerful, Lightweight Cleaning

The design of this is very interesting, I feel that while this is classed as a stick vacuum, it is really right in the middle of a stick vacuum and a standard upright.

While at a glance it may look bulky, it is actually much lighter than you would think. I found that it did not cause my forearms to ache when I was putting it through its paces in the living room.

As I said, we have a really thick carpet in the living room and this tackled it very, very well. Dibea has what they call “15kpa powerful suction” which I will not pretend to know the science behind it, but I can tell you it makes it much more powerful than you would think.

The kids had just had breakfast so of course, Fruit Loops were on the carpet. Well, the Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick vacuum managed to get them up and it did it without much effort at all.

The head does have a swivel on it so it can get around the coffee table and those other annoying things like chair legs and so on.

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Great On Any Surface

Once I did the living room, the hardwood floor in the hallway was next. I am always a little nervous testing a new vacuum on the hardwood floor. I give the kids such a hard time for messing it up (the dogs too!) that I always try to take good care of it.

While I did have to go over it a couple of times, the pet hair and the little stones, which I would love to know where they come from, were picked up by the vacuum.

Transforms Into A Hand Vac

This is actually a two in one vacuum cleaner as it can transform into a handheld vacuum. The transformation may not be as elaborate as Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie.

However, once you put that small tool on the end, you can vacuum the sofa cushions, the stairs, the kid's beds and any other crevices that are in your house which the regular vacuum cannot get to or is a real pain to get to.

If you have some really awkward and stubborn pet hair, this in hand vac mode is what you need to get it up.

The canister is much larger than many of the other stick-style vacuum cleaners I have used. I am not really a stickler for the canister size if I am honest, having to empty it is not a big deal (especially when it is made easy) this vacuum though, you can vacuum many, many times and not have to worry about emptying it.

Which when you do is as easy as holding it over the garbage and letting it out. One other thing I need to mention is the filtration system, my eldest has dust allergies and the filtration system in this prevents it from kicking out dust all over the place.

I know that at first glance it may not look much, but I am very, very impressed with the Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright

The last vacuum we are looking at today is once again from the fine folks at Shark.

I always love getting to test out a Shark and the version of the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright that I have been checking out is the HV302 model.

It is worth noting that there is also an HV303 that is as of writing around 20 dollars more.

Which is not bad as the one I was sent is coming in at around the 130 bucks price range.

Swivel Head For Easy Steering

This is not the most powerful Shark on the market, but you have to ask yourself, do you really need jet engine powered suction? I would bet that this vacuum has more than enough power for most homes.

Once I had it assembled, I decided that the living room as always was going to be first. It has that swivel head which I love which allows you to glide around the floor with ease, getting into the corners, around the table and so on.

You hardly even notice that you are using it as it weighs next to nothing (well 8 pounds) so you can use it for quite a while and not get tired.

Even when you are holding it up high and doing the drapes and the corners of the room where the cobwebs are always hiding out! You do not get tired using this at all.

Different Settings For Different Surfaces

I was not sure how this would handle my hardwood floors, but I played around with the settings a little bit and felt that once I hit the right one (which was number 1 by the way) it managed those hardwood floors just fine.

I went over the floors a few times and the mess the kids had dragged in from the outside was picked up no problem at all. It was at this time, I was actually very impressed with the level of suction that this provided.

Like other stick vacuum cleaners, you can play around with the configuration. You can have it as a handheld vacuum and you can have the main head on it when you do this.

Vacuuming the stairs with it in this mode is very, very easy.

I managed the stairs in a few minutes when with my old vacuum cleaner, it was the biggest chore ever to do the stairs. It also comes with another tool that you can use to do things like the upholstery and even the car that you have on the driveway.

It may not have as many attachments, but what Shark do give you allow you to vacuum the whole house and do it very, very well.

Easy Empty Canister And Good Filtration System

The canister is much like it is with other Shark vacuum cleaners. It, first of all, is a very good size, but also they make it so when you empty it, you do not have to touch the yucky pet hair or the kid's horrible food that has been mushed into the carpet!

The filtration system is also top of the line and it actually pumps out very clean air as it keeps all those dust particles inside which is ideal if you or your family members have a sensitivity to dust.

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright is a very affordable way to add a Shark vacuum cleaner to your home cleaning arsenal. If you are dead set on a Shark and want to get as much bang for your buck as possible, take a closer look at this.

What Makes A Corded Stick Vacuum So Good?

Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

Why would you want a corded vacuum cleaner over a cordless one when cordless is the cool kid in class these days? Well here are a few reasons as to why going for a corded stick vacuum is not bad at all.

Raw Power

One of the main selling points of corded vacuum cleaner is power. Great strides have been made in cordless vacuum cleaners in recent years.

However, a corded vacuum as it is always plugged into a power socket never has to worry about losing power due to a battery issue or something like that.

No Charging

Most cordless vacuums give you 40 to 50 minutes of cleaning time. As well as this you have to make sure they are charged and of course, batteries can lose their ability over time. You have no worries about this with a corded stick vacuum at all as it runs from the power socket.


Many people think that it is only cordless vacuum cleaners that allow you to change them into a hand vac, offer different tools and so on.

That is not actually true.

As you have seen from the three vacuum cleaners we have looked at all offer you different options in regards to cleaning every nook and cranny in your home.


Not one of the vacuums we have looked at today is coming in at well over $200. In my experience, I have come across far more budget priced corded stick vacuum cleaners than I have cordless ones.

So if you are on a budget and you want to be careful about how much you spend, cordless is more than likely going to be more affordable for you.


While due to the power cord, a corded stick vacuum cleaner is going to weigh a little more than its cordless counterpart.

A corded stick vacuum is going to be much, much lighter than a standard upright vacuum cleaner. One of the ones we looked at today comes in at only 8 pounds!

The light weight makes vacuuming much less of a chore.

What Is The Best Corded Stick Vacuum?

Woman Vacuuming

I was actually very happy with the three that vacuum cleaners I got the chance to test out over the past few weeks.

If you are on a tight budget and want to spend well, well under 100 dollars, go for the Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick.

For the asking price, it is actually a very good vacuum cleaner.

However, I think that if you are willing to spend a little bit more money, the Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded is the way to go.

It is one of the best stick vacuums that Shark do, the DuoClean technology makes it so powerful, that I really do not think there is anything no matter how large or small it could not pick up.

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright is great too and if you really want a Shark, but have a smaller budget, then that is the one to go for.

However, if you are asking me right now what the best corded stick vacuum is?

I would have to say the Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded.

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