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Best Vacuum For Allergies: Keep Your Home Healthy In 2018

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Shark navigator professional NV356E vacuum review





dyson dc25 ball









dyson v6 absolute





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Prolux 7000





In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: ProLux 7000 | Best Overall Choice:  Shark Navigator

If you suffer from any kind of allergy, you will know how important it is to keep your home as clean as possible.

Allergies caused by pet dander, pollen, dust mites or anything else can be greatly improved if you regularly use a vacuum cleaner that is designed to remove allergens.

When looking for the best vacuum to help control your allergies, you want the appliance that is the greatest at capturing all of the allergy-causing pollutants, and not just circulating the air with them.

Pet dander, human hair, pollen - all of these things can cause sensitivity and if you have an aversion to them, you will likely start to suffer and have a reaction if your vacuum is not getting rid of the particles.

Have a read through this page and discover what I think are the top products that will greatly relieve the symptoms of allergy sufferers.

Before you read the reviews here is a comparison table of the top-selling allergy reducing vacuums:

Top 5 Vacuum Cleaners For Allergies

Best Overall: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Review

If your house is anything like mine and your vacuum cleaner breaks, you will need a new one and fast! 

I decided I ought to find a great budget-conscious model to include here, that can suck up all allergens and particles that cause allergies in the home – in my case, pet dander.

I found the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional.

Top Features

This upright vacuum's obvious best feature is being able to suck up pet hair and other difficult or unseen allergy-causing particles.

It does this with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, quickly trapping everything except perhaps 0.01% of all dirt and dander. However, it has many other great benefits as well!

This Never-Lose-Suction technology is excellent for all hardwood flooring, as well as carpets. In fact, this specific model’s brush roll has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute to keep your carpets free from dust and everything else.

You can swivel steer it, when it’s on its wheels, providing you with all the easy maneuverability of a shark. It’s lightweight enough that you can pick it up and hold it while using its many brush attachments to make your home even cleaner. These include a premium pet power brush (great!), a dusting brush and a tool to use inside all those difficult crevices.

The Shark Navigator has a 30 feet cord, so no need to fiddle with battery life, batteries or the time involved in charging them. It boasts durability just by taking a look at its five-year warranty, which will save you on buying a new one, provided you look after your faithful cleaning companion.


Considering the potent suction power of the middle range Shark Navigator Professional and its ability to suck up nearly all tiny molecules and allergens, the price is absolutely miraculous. 

You can expect the price to be not far away from the budget vacuums.

Customer Reviews

The thing people loved the most about this fantastic product was how powerful the suction is for the price one pays. They love the way it cleans their homes effectively of dust and how easy it is to clean, stating things such as “the best vacuum for money!”, “Excellent Suction!” and “I…LOVE…this…vacuum!”.

The Shark Navigator is so popular on Amazon that there are thousands of customer reviews, with most of them raving on about how good a value this was for their money!

There are less than 10% negative reviews and most of the ones I read were mainly explaining how their Shark stopped working after a year or so.

Considering this happens on average to 1 out of every 10 person who leaves a review, this is possibly the factory defects rate. The Shark comes with a full-bodied 5 entire years warranty, so if you look after it well and it breaks, you can just give Shark Ninja a call and get a replacement.

Overall, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional has got your back in the case of an allergic emergency! Affordable, efficient and hassle-free, this should suit everyone’s needs, especially if you’re sensitive to clean air with a tight budget.

2. Dyson DC25 Ball Review

For a middle of the range vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright is a fantastic option.

With its innovative spherical design and impressive suction, it puts many other lightweight models in the same category to shame.

Ideal if you want something in the top range at a more affordable price!

Top Features

The Dyson DC25 Ball has two main features worth highlighting extra especially: it uses root cyclone technology, as well as gravity-defying ball technology.

Root cyclone technology sucks the dirt up into a dirt compartment without loss of suction (such as that in bagged vacuums). The vacuum is designed around a ball that houses the motor. This shifts the center of gravity lower and gives you fluidity to your movements across the floor. It also ensures that there is less resistance against the floor and feels as if it is lighter to push around.

It comes with a motorized brush tool installed and is ideal for brushing out large or small particles from carpets.

The DC25 comes with an exceptional HEPA filter able to trap dirt at 0.1 microns and is approved for allergies and asthma by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

It comes with another motorized tool which is an extendable suction “wand” – just aim it at corners, edging and crevices and let it do the work.  This is a corded vacuum and works at any standard power point in your home. It has a 5-year warranty from Dyson, a testament to its long life expectancy.


Very affordably priced for such a sophisticated vacuum cleaner, that could be in the really expensive side of things. For the features it possesses, and the fact that is a Dyson, this mid-ranged cleaner really is a bargain.

Customer Reviews

There are many hundreds of positive reviews for the Dyson DC25 on Amazon, and the majority of them are positive.

Mostly there is praise about it, “Outstanding!”, “worth every penny…” and simply “love it” to list some opinions. Consumers mainly appreciated the freedom of being able to move around without hassles and without skipping a beat, all add-ons and attachments could be used to clean the room effectively. The suction power was also something appreciated in this Dyson model.

The only real complaints I could find about this vacuum was that it “feels flimsy” or that the filter needs to be cleaned 100% so that the vacuum can maintain good suction. The first comment is superficial in my opinion if it is doing a good job of it anyway.

The second complaint is minor when you think about most products on the market and how they all actually need to be cleaned properly to be maintained. If you don’t like to clean on a regular basis, you should buy a model with a bigger dirt canister.

Buy the Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floor today if you need something very easy to move around with that works very well on all floors!

3. Miele Complete C3 Calima Review

Are you a sucker for the trendiest household cleaning gadgets that have sophisticated technology backing up their style?

I found the latest Miele Complete C3 Calima for all of you out there that want the top of the market in both technology and design!

Made in Germany, Miele is also a highly reputable brand of gorgeous household items that work exceedingly well.

Top Features

This sporty, yellow vacuum cleaner incorporates a turbo brush with an air-powered roller brush that rotates, loosening dirt off the floor to maximum effect. Perfect for thin to medium thickness carpets, rugs and any smooth surfaced floors.

You can rotate it 180 degrees without causing it to topple over, enhancing your maneuverability around the room, especially on tiled flooring.

Top end suction combined with a 3D bumper and trendy design make this the ultimate in stylish vacuum technology. Choose your suction strength from 6 different settings with a convenient foot switch.

It comes fully equipped with a suction wand and is corded, giving you a radius of 36 feet to clean with at all times. Other tools that it comes equipped with include upholstery brushes, tools, and crevice nozzles, which are ideal for reaching into tight spaces or corners to clean.

Good for allergies, this cleaner comes with a HEPA filter and can fetch fine particles that cause irritations in sinus and reactions.


As this is a top of the range cleaner and from a very reliable, trending brand, Miele, you are looking at paying top dollar for this gorgeous gizmo. This is definitely at the higher end of the pricing bracket, but with a brand like Miele, you know you are getting a quality machine that will last for years.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews on Amazon are positive, with a high percentage of high review scores.  Naturally, the praise for this vacuum is high, people saying things such as “I LOVE MY YELLOW VAC!” and “I did not want to buy the most expensive but I..”. Users loved its freedom of movement and also the fact that it’s ‘such a silent vacuum cleaner’ you can watch TV while using it!

The main concern among the very few critical reviews of the products claimed that the only thing wrong with the product was its price!

They wished they could have paid less for the same value. However, this is top of the range and deserving of a top value price. As one user stated “You get what you pay for!” is really true with the German brand Miele.

Another stated complaint was that it uses up too much power. This is because the suction power required to use it is high, it has six power settings and is very potent. This is a quality vacuum for the serious connoisseurs who are prepared to pay for the extra power the Calima can emit.

Get your C3 Vacuum in Canary Yellow for the ultimate in stylish home cleaning solutions!

4. Dyson V6 Absolute Review

The Dyson V6 Absolute is yet another great hypoallergenic choice for the allergenic and sensitive individuals.

It’s in the intermediary range, as far as vacuum cleaners are concerned and it has fantastic suction power to cater for all medical needs or sensitivities.

Above all the maneuverability of this vacuum is unmatched without a cord and will help you to clean every inch of your home.

Top Features

The Dyson V6 Absolute comes with many amazing features, but the number one feature is still the brilliant suction power it exudes. Freedom of movement to clean all pollutants out of your home space is the next huge perk of the Dyson V6 Absolute.

Complete with a big roller in the front and smaller auxiliary roller in the back, this design complements any hardwood floor or smooth surface. Under the front roller, the directly driving bristle head digs deeper into carpets too, however.

Its battery can give you 20 minutes of cleaning time and because the motor is so powerful, that’s all you would need to cleanse the room of anything that might make you sneeze. It removes very fine dust particles, down to 0.3 microns thanks to its inbuilt HEPA filtration system. Dyson's whole machine HEPA system makes this one of the best HEPA vacuums on the market.

Read More About Cordless vacuums that are great on wooden surfaces

Due to its design, it can also efficiently suck up large particles too, such as hair or food. It comes equipped with a motorized hand tool at the very end, which has an incredibly powerful suction for up to 5 minutes. Perfect for reaching the edges of the ceiling or into tight fits, where the head of the vacuum is either too heavy to lift or cannot reach.


It doesn’t really get much better than this for the best quality hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners in the intermediary range. It is a mid-priced product, some may see it as expensive but when it comes to controlling your allergies it is worth the cost.

Customer Reviews

There are many hundreds of positive customer reviews on Amazon for the Dyson V6, and it has a high average review score.

Customers really loved the ease of use that the rollers provided, gliding across their floors and just how well it sucked up all the particles that caused them distress. Some people even mentioned their houses smelt cleaner while others simply just “Absolutely love it!”

Aside from a few issues with products which people complained of (just return for a new one that isn’t faulty), some people felt that 20 minutes simply was just not enough time to clean their homes. Others felt disappointed, as when you set the V6 on maximum, the power output increases and it lasts for less time in that mode.

However, others have said that it’s good enough to tackle their 1500 sqft homes. Dyson made the suction on the V6 stronger so you would not need to spend so much time on cleaning your home, getting it done in 20 mins or less. Look after the battery life and clean your home efficiently, saving yourself and your battery time on this Earth!

Ideal for keeping your home free from allergens and pollutants, the Dyson V6 Absolute is a powerful and efficient hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner.

5. ProLux 7000 Review

Are you allergic to pet hair, but happen to have an inevitable, loving weakness to having pets?

We all love to have animal companions to keep us company, but with furred animals, like cats or dogs, it can sometimes get difficult to breathe properly inside your home!

For those allergic to pet hair and dander, the ProLux 7000 Sealed H-Grade HEPA Allergen Pet Vacuum is a very good choice.

Top Features

This vacuum incorporates the use of premium HEPA technology, able to suck up particles down to 0.3 microns in size, including dander and allergens unseen to the naked eye. What’s even more impressive is its powerful suction motor that has over-heating protection, powering the suction that’s optimized by being 100% sealed.

The ProLux 7000 is endorsed by hospitals as a medical grade vacuum cleaner for better breathing air. Extract the maximum volume of undesirable content from your carpets, no matter how plush the carpet is and clean your living space for yourselves and your animals.

The motor of the ProLux 7000 is insulated for minimum noise disturbances and the power cord is 30 feet (sometimes it’s nice not to deal with battery shenanigans!). It comes with an arsenal of extendable cleaning tools and brush attachments, allowing you to really get in all crevices and places difficult to reach.

Upright, it’s easy to move and steer, designed to allow gravity to aid you. Blessed with a seven-year warranty, this is a worthy cleaning investment for people with allergies and pet lovers alike!

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This vacuum cleaner is priced typically for a middle of the range cleaner. Sometimes middle range vacuums can range upwards of $500, so you would be saving quite a bit by purchasing this ProLux vacuum.

Customer Reviews

The Prolux 7000 has lots of positive review scores on Amazon, with a high average review score. Consumers wrote things about the ProLux 7000 like “Great Product”, “Love it!”, “Nice Vacuum” and “Not Super Heavy, Great Purchase”.

Customers loved the effectiveness of this vacuum, the way it sucks up lots of dust easily and helps them to breathe better.

I even read a review that stated that it worked wonders in a very busy office environment, cleaning up masses of dust that gets trampled by employees day-in, day-out. I’m sure nobody had allergy issues in that office!

The ProLux 7000 only has positive reviews about its performance. I read some negative reviews about how many people got stifled by the bag replacement and filter replacement required to keep this vacuum operational. It comes with 6 disposable bags and sells them in packs of 10 for about $30 on Amazon.

If you can afford this, it makes cleaning the vacuum cleaner an absolute dream! The filter also needs to be replaced every third bag replacement as it cannot be washed and replacement filters cost about $35.

This is something that the manufacturers do not mention and that’s why sites like this exist. However if you can afford it, this vacuum will ultimately rid your home or work environment of allergens and dirt.

Free yourself with the ProLux 7000 from the side effects of pet dander, dust and anything that could possibly cause you to have an allergic reaction embedded in your carpets. Take charge, live clean and breathe safely with your pets by your side.

How to Choose a Vacuum to Control Your Allergies

Many people have allergies to various things that can pollute our homes.

Animal fur, spores, fine dust, bacteria and pet dander are just some examples of things that can cause allergies in people.

Knowing what to look for in vacuum cleaners will help you make the best choice when choosing one for your allergies.

Types of Allergens Found in Your Home

Pollen Allergies In House

Many different allergens can be found in your living environment. Usually, these particles are tiny and we can’t see or tell that they are there until we get a severe reaction.

Especially having carpets or rugs, these allergens can sink into them and then only surface when the carpet is sat on and rubbed – some allergens, in other words, can take years before they become active in your living environment.

Pollen from outside wafting in and settling on surfaces and in crevices can cause allergic reactions. Pets are a well-known source of allergies, both with their hair and with pet dander.

Pet dander is comprised of microscopic particles of hair, dirt, skin, and organisms that your pets shed, which can cause ill health or allergic reactions in many individuals. Sometimes it takes years for these symptoms to suddenly occur.

An allergy that can be found in a home which hasn’t been kept clean can be had from dust mites and in particular, dust mite feces. These apparently cause asthma and respiratory problems when inhaled by humans!

Dust mite excrement has a particular digestive enzyme that most of us are highly allergic to and dust mites feed off of human and pet dander among other microscopic particles.

Lastly, but certainly not least, mold spores and fungus are a real threat to anybody. You can have stepped on a mushroom in the garden, but tramping it into your home can give you a hard time with allergies when you breathe it inside a confined space.

How Can a Vacuum Cleaner Help With Allergies?

Filter Vacuum Cleaners

When the house is cleaner and clearer, so is your body. You can breathe easier and above all, you will have little to no allergenic reactions.

Having a vacuum cleaner with the right properties can improve the quality of living for sensitive individuals with pets and fur allergies or who can’t cope with dust or spores in the air very well. A good vacuum is a solution to any of the above-mentioned allergies.

Having a good vacuum cleaner will also help reduce other health problems related to breathing, like asthma, bronchitis, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, coughing, wheezing and much more. Having fewer pollutants or allergens in the body also promotes a healthier immune system and a happier lifestyle.

Take a look at the guidelines for buying the best vacuum cleaner for allergies.

Considerations When Buying A Hypoallergenic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Suction Power

Suction Power

The best vacuum for allergies needs to be powerful enough to be able to suck up a large array of particles.

Allergens and pollutants come in larger and smaller sizes, from lint to finer airborne dust particles. If the suction power is too weak, you may not fetch the critical allergens that are affecting you.

Turbo suction is generally powerful enough to achieve this, in combination with some other tools. If you have an especially thick carpet, you will need to invest in a stronger vacuum machine to completely dislodge any unwanted particles.

Filtration System

If the filtration system is not good enough, the vacuum will also miss the incredibly finer particles as they pass through. If you have a good filtration system, it sucks up more of the dirt and better.

High Efficient Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems are present in cleaners that target cleaning allergies and pollutants in your home. They can remove particles down to 0.3microns and get rid of 99.97-99.99% of pollutants and allergens from the air.

Model Type

The main factor here being upright or canister? If you have to keep lots of carpets and heavy duty flooring with high maintenance, go with the easier uprights.

If you have rugs with shallow carpeting or more hardwood flooring, canisters are more recommended. Ultimately people prefer uprights in general overall, as they tend to be lighter and easier to maneuver.

Comfort And Mobility

The type of vacuum leading us to the next point of comfort and mobility. Make sure you are free in your movements and comfortable using the product, especially if you have allergies due to breathing conditions such as asthma!

You will want a light-weight, convenient to clean vacuum, allowing you to keep your home free from dust and dander. Modern vacuum cleaners are your friends and are here to assist you to keep your house clean. Gone are the days of battling with your allergies!


Vacum Cleaner Noise Pets

If you are cleaning due to pet hair and have fur allergies, but don’t want to frighten your animals whilst you clean, you should consider the noise factor of the vacuum. Having a very young child or a newborn who needs to sleep often is another good reason to invest in a noiseless option.

You may want to consider it anyway, as a noiseless vacuum could enhance the quality of your life simultaneously to having a fresh living environment.

Tools And Attachments

If the vacuum comes with useful cleaning attachments, it really helps you to clean all the better and make your house allergy-free! Brushes, motorized hand tools, suction wands and other attachments are things to look out for in the most hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners.

Dust and fine particles like to collect in corners and edges, where the usual vacuum head can’t reach. Having attachments helps to dislodge and/or suck up any of these particles.

Final Thoughts

Navigator Lift Away

It’s very important that you buy yourself a vacuum cleaner if you suffer from allergies, chronic breathing conditions or have a declining state of health.

Cleaning our home does more than just make us feel better; if it’s clean it gives our bodies the chance to be clean too. Improve your life, your mood and say goodbye to allergies with a hypoallergenic vacuum.

In this article, I have shown you some of the best models for allergy sufferers on the market today. These vacuums have features that are specifically designed to catch more of the particles that cause allergic reactions.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is a popular product, and I believe it is the vacuum cleaner that will best serve you in your battle with allergies.

The Shark Navigator features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which is basically a sealed vacuum system that lets nothing escape back into the room. Coupled with HEPA filters, thousands of positive customer reviews and a more than reasonable price, this is definitely a firm favorite of mine.

The vacuums that are featured in this guide can all be purchased on Amazon. I would encourage you to visit there and get some more opinions and reviews on these models from other customers.


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