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Best Vacuum Under $200: Powerful Cleaning on a Budget (in 2018)

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shark navigator freestyle sv1106





hoover linx signature cordless stick





oreck upright u20000r1





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bissell cleanview 9595a with onepass





shark rocket ultra light upright





In a hurry? Best Overall: Shark Navigator | Best Budget: Bissell 9595A

When it comes to purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, we all want the machine that will do the best for the purpose that we need it.

 This does not always mean that we have to buy the most expensive model, however. Most of the cheaper vacuums will perform just as well, if not better than their pricey counterparts.

For 200 bucks, you may not think that you will get a machine that is going to do everything that you want, but you may be surprised.

Every vacuum cleaner on this page can be purchased for less than $200, and if you look at the reviews and the feature list you will see there is not much difference between higher priced vacuums.

Before you read the reviews here is a comparison table of the top 5 vacuums cheaper than $200:

Top 5 Vacuum Cleaners For Under $200

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Review

The best budget vacuum for $200 on the dot would have to be the Shark Lift-Away Professional Vacuum Cleaner.

This machine takes the best of middle ranging vacuum cleaners and is ideal for allergy sufferers and hygiene conscious individuals with tight budgets.

The best feature of the Shark Navigator would have to be where it gets the “Lift-Away” reference in its title.

Top Features

You can literally lift away the top of the vacuum cleaner, revealing a hidden second tool, which is both portable, lightweight and able to reach ceiling crevices and high up edges. The second best feature is the hypoallergenic HEPA filtration system, which is capable of sucking up 99.97% of particles down to the size of 0.3 microns!

Combined with complete seal technology (100% sealed suction), this vacuum cleaner becomes a mean pet hair and pet dander removal machine.

The Shark Lift-Away Pro is lighter than the averagely marketed ‘lightweight’ 14lb vacuum, weighing in at 13.7lbs. As with most shark vacuums, steering is made easy with the gravity friendly design.

Change modes for carpet or hardwood/ tile flooring with the push of a button to deactivate the motorized brush roll (if active whilst on a hardwood or tile surface, it may damage the brush roll or the floor). On top of all these fabulous features, it comes with a whopping 5-year warranty!

Customer Reviews

There is a lot of great talk about the Shark Lift-Away vacuum cleaner. Currently, among photos of people hugging their new purchases after testing the shark out, reviewers loved the price.

One person mentioned that other brands charge as much as $600 for the same functionality in their vacuums.

Across the pole on Amazon with many thousands of user votes, the shark lift-away pro has gained a high average review score.

Reviewers had things to say such as “never thought I’d love a vacuum this much!”, “the best vacuum for any money” and “Still runs great 3 years later”.

The top critical reviews I saw actually still had much appreciation for this vacuum cleaner. After digging a bit deeper into the reviews, I finally found reviews of users who purchased it after it broke and complained about the wait while Shark fixed or replaced their vacuum cleaners.

One valid point to mention is that if it breaks, Shark may ask you to pay postage fees both ways. This only occurred to a small proportion of the reviewers, and will not apply to most cases, however.

For a five-year warranty and great vacuum functionality when it is working, this is possibly a small concern with regards to purchasing the Shark.

This is the best vacuum cleaner under $200, offering you state of the art home cleaning technology at a third of the price! We all deserve to live in a clean home without breaking our budgets and with the Shark Lift-Away Pro, that is now possible.

2. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Review

Another really fantastic vacuum for anybody needing one with a budget under $200, is the Hoover Linx Stick BH50010.

This is actually a vacuum that could be placed in the under $100 category, giving even more value for what you would have purchased.

This vacuum was the first invention made by Hoover with their wind tunnel technology, effective at sucking up deeply embedded dander, fine dust, and tiny particles off of surfaces.

Top Features 

Its best feature would have to be the fact that it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner, possibly the best cordless cleaner on the market for under $100. The Hoover Link’s bristles are placed closer to the front of the suction head to allow for easier cleaning of walls and edges.

Incorporating Cyclonic Filtration Brush Roll technology, it really digs deep to find that hidden dirt that ordinary vacuums would possibly miss.

The battery, once fully charged, will give you 20 minutes of cleaning power. This seems like an awfully short length of time, but due to the impressive suction and unique brush design, 20 minutes is all you need to create a spotless home with the Hoover Linx Cordless.

It has a gauge that lets you know when it’s recharge time too and comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s designed especially for carpets and a great buy for anyone needing to save a few $100 on a vacuum cleaner purchase!

Customer Reviews

Most customer reviews of this product are naturally spectacular. Many people reported that it was enjoyable to use, being light, movable and with enough suction power to do a satisfying job.

There are thousands of reviews on Amazon at the time of writing this with a high percentage of top ratings. Overall, reviewers love this product, leaving behind joy-filled comments such as “Simplicity at its best” and “I absolutely love this vacuum!”.

I read a very useful comment from a user who said that this vacuum has a set of wheels underneath it, which allows it to move really well across the floor but landed up damaging their tiled floor.

Other reviewers have stated the contrary, saying this works great for their hardwood or tiled flooring. The bristles in the design indicate that this was designed for carpets, which require combing, as opposed to hardwood floors. Don’t purchase this if you only have tiled flooring or it could be a mistake.

Other critical reviews mentioned that it broke in under a year, having faulty components and not working properly. These problems can be resolved by calling the manufacturers and evoking the 2-year warranty.

At the end of the day, the fantastic cordless functionality and freedom of movement whilst cleaning your home that the Hoover Link provides one with makes it a superior under $200 bargain.

3. Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 Review

Finding an industrial vacuum cleaner that can withstand heavy duty cleaning can be very difficult to achieve with a limited budget.

Most industrial vacuums are at the top of the range and can cost you a miniature fortune!

The Oreck Commercial Upright U2000RB-1 could be the solution you are looking for and will comfortably fit a budget under $200.

Top Features

The best features of the Oreck Commercial Light Upright Vacuum Cleaner is that it functions with a powerful suction and has a brush roll that moves at high speeds (5000-6500 RPM) at different settings.

The 12-inch long brush roll has a double helix design and works using Microsweep technology (i.e. the brush roll is very fine and picks up fine dust at a high RPM). It is suitable for both hardwood flooring and carpets, automatically adjusting itself accordingly for the floor type it’s on! It has a 40ft cord and a large bag, much larger than the standard vacuum has, at 630 cubic inches.

You can clean easily underneath low surfaces easily, as the handle can be pushed lower for convenience or better storage options.

The handle for the vacuum has been approved by the Ease-of-Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation, having all buttons and switches directly at your fingertips for maximum functionality.

It comes with a one-year warranty on the vacuum and a 5-year warranty on the slip-free belt. This is an ideal vacuum for retail flooring that needs to be kept clean for customers consistently.

Customer Reviews

Out of the hundreds of people who have so far purchased and reviewed the product on Amazon, The majority of them have given it a high review score.

Customers have enjoyed the Oreck Commercial because it works so well that their bags tended to be overfilled with dirt they did not realize was there. 

The other quality that was immensely appreciated by many was the special arthritis attention to detail the handle has to offer.

Users mentioned that it helped them with their arthritis pains in the hand. “Great product”, “BUY IT!” and “Best Vacuum Ever!” are among some of it’s acquired positive review comments.

In a critical review, a person mentioned something very valuable to note about the Oreck Commercial cleaner. She wanted replsacement bags and bought one that says it works for all models of Oreck, however it didn’t.

If you need to buy spare bags for your Oreck, make sure it matches the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 bag color and mentions the vacuums extension code. Nevertheless, she still gave a rating of five stars.

An excellent vacuum under $200, the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 has fantastic suction power and is a relief to hands that hurt. Businesses and homeowners alike can benefit from the qualities of this budget vacuum cleaner.

4. Bissell 9595A Review

It’s no longer necessary to struggle to buy a decent vacuum cleaner these days at a low price.

If your vacuum cleaner just broke and you have a very tight budget, or you saved up a budget of say $200 to get a new one, but could use extra cash right now; the under $100 Bissell corded 9595A is my recommendation to you.

The Bissell 9595A's uses and functionality are really brilliant for its below $100 price! Weighing 15.1 lbs, this upright vacuum is cleverly designed to center the bulk of the vacuum's weight on the ground.

Top Features

Having centered weight allows you to navigate the floor easily, working with gravity to smoothly steer the machine around the house. It has a 30 ft cord, no batteries, and no recharge fuss. The suction power is decent, using a cyclonic system with a fully sealed suction head.

Cleaning the Bissell 9595A is made to be easy for the user. Empty the canister contents into the rubbish bin and simply wash the removable foam filter in the washing machine.

Lastly, this vacuum cleaner has a handheld turbo brush tool, specialized to clean stairs or any sudden messes. It is suitable for cleaning hardwood flooring as well as carpets.

Customer Reviews

This is certainly one of the best selling vacuum cleaners on Amazon and for good reasons. Customers have loved how this vacuum sucks up dirt and cleans so well for the fabulous price.

Reviews exclaiming “worth the money if you have pets”, “excellent value for performance!” and even such high praise as “this vacuum is my religion” point to this Bissell's good reputation. In the end, it has been reviewed by thousands of users, who have given it a very high average review score.

I went to look at the critical reviews for the Bissell 9595A and saw many complaints on how it broke in under 6 months of use. In this instance, you can call the supplier to get a brand new one at no further cost.

Other reviewers have documented that this happened to them, the vacuum broke or something went wrong and that it got replaced; making statements like “Broke but replaced for free”. If you look after your Bissell well and clean your home frequently, you should have no further issues to contend with.

Bissell’s longstanding reputation for great vacuum cleaners still stands with this model's exceptional functionality and suction power. You can save your cash flow from being ruined this month if you need a vacuum cleaner with the Bissell 9595A.

5. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Review

Looking at some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, I’ve begun to sort them out one by one to find the ultimate deals under $200.

Here we have a perfect example of a top-notch vacuum under $200, the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright.

The best feature about the Shark Rocket aside from its catchy name is that it’s super light and easy to use!

Top Features

Vacuum carpets effectively at the click of a button that rests in your hands as you move along. It comes with an attachable wall mount, so you can keep it securely in one place.

This upright cleaner can be transformed into a shorter handheld suction device for convenience when vacuuming up the stairs. It has swivel steering, allowing you to navigate as dynamically as a shark when cleaning your floors!

The Shark Rocket is light enough to convert to a hand vacuum and suck up dirt in all the crevices from floor to ceiling.

The Shark is very easy to clean too, via emptying the canister contents into the dustbin. It has a fully sealed suction that never loses strength when sucking up dirt, dust, and dander off hardwood floors. This is not a cordless vacuum cleaner, so there is no battery charging or replacement to worry about.

Customer Reviews

Many customers on Amazon have absolutely loved the Shark Rocket, with hundreds of users leaving a high review score. They loved the fact that the vacuum was so easy to use, due to its lightweight body, suction power, and maneuverability.

Furthermore, everybody appreciated the price! A few have said “No regrets on this purchase!”, “amazing!!!” and “The suction is very good”.

A few negative reviews I have read have said that due to the air that blows from the rear end out of the vacuum cleaner, the product is undesirable.

They also mention that it’s not light-weight enough and clumsy to hold. If the air blowing from the bottom end bothers you, hold the vacuum with the cord moving behind you. 

That way, the air can get directed next to you as opposed to onto you. As for its weight, the Shark Rocket is very little over half the weight of standard upright vacuum cleaners, which usually weigh about 14lbs. If this is still too heavy for you, consider buying a bottom-heavy canister that you don’t have to lift.

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright vacuum is one of the best vacuums you could purchase on a budget of $200 and exhibits middle range properties for half the price! Clean your living space effectively and quieter with this vacuum for a better quality of life that doesn’t break the bank.

How to Choose a Budget Vacuum Under $200

It can be difficult to select the best vacuum for cleaning your home or office, especially if you are restrained by the confines of a tight budget.

With continuous advances in cleaning technology, cheap plastic knock-off products, and constant marketing all over the place, how can one ever be sure?

This guide is here to help you when considering the best cheap vacuum cleaners with a budget of $200 or less, highlighting key features to look for in vacuums and what to think about beforehand to minimize the chance of purchasing the wrong item.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best-Fit Budget Machine

Most likely the reason you are trying to find a vacuum cleaner under $200 is that you want to cut down on costs and can’t afford more than that.

It’s important to note that while you will be paying less now, some vacuum cleaners demand maintenance costs, such as buying replacement bags or filters. 

You do not want to buy these if you have a limited monthly budget, so make sure you understand this upfront before purchasing your next vacuum. Otherwise, you could end up far exceeding your $200 budget!

Budget for the long-term as well as the short term.

Durability & The Warranty


This brings us to the next point about the vacuum cleaner’s lifespan. How long does it last and does it need continuous maintenance to keep it operational?

Usually, a warranty is a good indication of how long a product will last for, as manufacturers will replace defective vacuums within a certain time frame and do not wish to be responsible for models past their prime, understandably.

One can nearly guarantee that a vacuum will break after the warranty is up, however, this is not always the case, it’s merely a very good guideline to go by. Look for warranties in vacuums that suit your long-term budget, in case it breaks after that time.

Gravity, Weight & Orientation

A property of vacuum cleaners that may be overlooked is how much they weigh and how the weight is distributed for ease of movement.

Upright cleaners usually are the preferred vacuum cleaners for the majority of people, all the weight is centered at the base and/or evenly distributed throughout their often slender designs. 

Sometimes non-upright canister vacuums are better equipped to dealing with hardwood flooring, but ultimately uprights provide the best maneuverability.

Check the weight of your vacuum cleaner and decide if it suits your needs. People with back problems, the elderly or that are not as fit as they’d like to be will need to consider this carefully indeed.

Floor Type: Hardwood, Tiles or Carpets?

Carpet and Wood Floor

The type of flooring intended to be cleaned by your budget vacuum cleaner will also affect what you purchase. Not all models just clean every single surface and some are made specifically with carpets in mind or a specific flooring.

If you have mostly hard flooring, like tiles and wood, you will want to purchase a machine that has wheels or rollers that don’t scratch the floor!

Carpets need wheels with less traction and depending on the texture of the carpet, a vacuum head with a brush tool would be desirable. 

Carpets are more heavy duty and will certainly require stronger suction power than bare flooring.

Read More: These cordless vacuums are the best for hardwood floors

Top Features That Make Budget Cleaners A Bargain

HEPA Filtration Systems 

HEPA Filter

This stands for a High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration System and is a sophisticated feature that carries on throughout to the top vacuum cleaners.

Look for models that have multiple chambers to their HEPA filtration systems and you will have found something worthy of at least double your budget! It cleans 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

Turbo or 100% Sealed Suction 

This is referring to suction. The ability to seal itself when in contact with the ground is the basic mechanism behind a vacuum cleaner, creating a vacuum to suck up dander. If it seals fully or is turbo powered, the suction ought to be much better.

Brush Attachments 

These add much value to your vacuum cleaner, allowing you to clean inside all those hard to touch nooks and crannies. Brushes are particularly useful if you have animals that shed lots of pet hair or have thickly carpeted segments of your property.

Motorized Attachments

Vacuums Motorized

Having this included into your vacuum also transforms it into a cleaning machine, able to efficiently suck up dirt from places that you can’t reach.

Some products have neat handheld mini cleaners that are perfect for small messes on the spot and others have motorized attachments with wands, allowing you to just simply suck up dust that would otherwise live happily on the ceiling.

Cordless Vacuums that go for 25-40 minutes at a time 

This feature is only appropriate for those that are not afraid to bother with batteries. A lightweight cordless vacuum that goes for 25 minutes or more is an excellent buy.

Usually, it means that only that length of time is required to clean your house, that the suction is much stronger to achieve this effect and naturally, no cords to trip over!

Reading Customer Reviews Helps For Credibility

One of the last items on this list to consider is what other people have to say about the vacuum.

Often times facts and information that the sneaky manufacturer doesn’t put in surfaces in customer reviews. It’s often helpful to see if what is advertised meets the reality of the product. 

Remember that everyone also lives in a different environment, so look for detailed reviews of somebody who describes a similar living condition to you to understand the product better.

If somebody bought a vacuum for a hardwood floor that is meant for carpets, for example, you can discount this opinion when assessing for your own hardwood floor.

Second-hand Is Always An Option

Floor Steams

Lastly, if you are still desperate and can’t find the perfect budget vacuum cleaner, going second-hand is an option.

You might find a vacuum cleaner from the next value range and not the lower range in a $200 or less budget. Not to mention, recycling is a big plus for the environment. Keep in mind all of the above considerations when looking second-hand.

These considerations should help you to spot the best cheap vacuum for your budget, without making an error in judgment. Happy Hunting!

Final Thoughts

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Review

In this article, I have shared with you what I believe to be some of the best vacuum cleaners that you can buy that won’t cost you more than $200.

Price is an important factor when making any purchase, but just because you are shopping on a budget does not mean you need to have a vacuum that is not up to the job.

I have researched and reviewed these products so that you don’t have to. Out of the 5 I have included on the page, there will definitely be a vacuum for everyone in different situations. In my opinion, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is the best all rounder, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

The amount of positive reviews this vacuum cleaner has received on Amazon is proof that it is king of the budget vacuums, and I can also quite happily recommend it to you as the best vacuum cleaner you can buy for less than $200.

All of the vacuum cleaners can be purchased from Amazon, and I encourage you to read the customer reviews on there to get an idea of what other users think of the products.

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