Bissell Cleanview 9595a Upright Corded Vacuum Review

Bissell bagless upright vacuum review



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The Bissell Cleanview 9595A looks to be a solid budget-priced vacuum cleaner. You are getting many of the benefits you get from an expensive vacuum.

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The Bissell Cleanview 9595A is a very interesting vacuum cleaner that caught my eye when I was looking for a high quality, but budget-friendly vacuum cleaner.

When I was researching this vacuum I kept asking the question, could this handle what my kids and dogs do to the house?

In all honesty that is the best attitude to take with any vacuum cleaner.

Well, let’s take a closer look at this vacuum cleaner and see why it is one of the more popular lower priced vacuum cleaners from Bissel.

OnePass Technology For Powerful Cleaning

Bissell bagless upright vacuum cleaner review

When you look at a vacuum cleaner in this price range it is only natural to think that the power may not be all that great because they have to cut corners to keep the price down. Well, the idea behind the Bissell Cleanview 9595A is that you just need to make one pass over a mess in order to pick it up.

In some cases, this is actually true, but if the kids have dumped a bowl of Cookie Crisp on the living room floor or if the dogs have been shedding really bad, it may take more than one pass.

Powering this is what the folks at Bissel call “Cyclone Technology”. Basically, the brush roll along with the motor work in tandem to suck up the mess. Along with the very good motor and brush roll, the head is an impressive 12 inches long.

What this means is that the cleaning path of this vacuum is actually pretty long. This allows you to cover a fair bit of ground and while it may not pick up everything on that first pass, it still picks up very well.

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The Bissell Cleanview 9595A also has a suction control features. Not as many vacuums have this as you would think so the fact this one does is a nice bonus.

In my experience, vacuums that allow you to control the suction work better as you can change the level of suction depending on what you are vacuuming such as the living room carpet or the hardwood floor in the hallway.

Whole House Cleaning

Blue Bissell bagless upright vacuum review

When I look at a vacuum cleaner, for it to get a second look from me it simply must have a whole bunch of accessories. Thankfully the Bissell Cleanview 9595A does come with a very impressive arsenal that is going to help you clean your house.

An extension wand is great for cleaning the drapes and getting under the sofa and the tables. I also find that these are great for taking care of the stairs.

The upholstery tool is awesome as this will allow you to take care of the sofa and beds which is great if you have pets and messy kids. The vacuum can also get really low which is nice as it means when you are doing somewhere like the living room you can get it low to go under the sofa or the table if they are high enough.

So while at this price range the suction may not be what it is with a Dyson, I find that the addition of tools like the ones that this makes up for it. Yes, it may take a little longer, but in all honesty, you have to expect that at this price range.

One thing I will say about this is that in my research I found that some people said that it was a little clunky to use. This may be because of that large head which is 12 inches long.

I can see why this would be an issue with some, but to me, it really is not a deal breaker and in most cases when you get a new vacuum cleaner it takes a while to get used to, especially one with a larger head like the Bissell Cleanview 9595A has. So I would say do not be put off by people saying that it is a little on the clunky side however it is still something to note.

Bagless Upright Which Is Easy To Look After

If only the rest of the house was as easy to look after as this vacuum! One of the things I have found since I started reviewing vacuum cleaners is that many people do not realize that while a vacuum cleaner cleans your house, it also needs cleaning.

Before we get to that though, I can tell you that the dust capacity the canister offers is right in line with what other vacuum cleaners in this price range offer. So you will not need to empty it after every single use which is nice.

When you do empty it, you will remove the canister and empty all the mess and dust into the garbage. If you have ever emptied a vacuum cleaner before you will have no issues here as it could not be any more simple.

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The filtration system in the Bissell Cleanview 9595A is clearly not as sophisticated as you are getting with a vacuum that costs several hundred dollars. Do not let that put you off and think it is just going to be spitting out dust in your face.

It does have a multi-filtration system so it will do a decent job in keeping the dust inside the vacuum. The only thing is, you will have to make sure you wash those filters on a regular basis. If you find that you are emptying the vacuum every couple of weeks, cleaning the filters when you do that will help keep them working perfectly.

One extra thing I want to touch on here is the overall build quality. Some of the reviews I have read say that this stopped working rather quickly. Well, Bissel does give you a two-year warranty with this vacuum which is pretty amazing considering the price.

So yes it is super annoying if it does break down, but at least you have that two-year safety net.

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Final Thoughts On The Bissell Cleanview 9595A

The Bissell Cleanview 9595A looks to be a solid budget-priced vacuum cleaner. You are getting many of the benefits you get from an expensive vacuum.

I am talking about things like the fact it is bagless, the nice amount of accessories and also the large head that makes vacuuming large spaces much easier. The suction is what you would expect at this price range.

For a family home, I really do not think that there is anything wrong with this vacuum, especially if you want one that can handle the kids and pets and not cost a fortune.

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