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Bissell Symphony 1132a All-In-One Vacuum And Steam Mop Review

bissell 1132a symphony vacuum and steam mop



Price, steam mop


Rather small container


The Bissell Symphony 1132A is a great all in one vacuum and steam mop.

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With kids and pets, our hardwood floors take a real beating. However, I was recently lucky enough to get the chance to check out a friend’s Bissell Symphony 1132a and I was so impressed that I ended up buying one for myself. 

The kitchen, bathroom and my prized hardwood floor in the hallway are now so much easier to look after, even when my eldest comes home covered in mud from football practice!

What Is The Bissell Symphony?

Bissell Symphony All In One Vacuum Features

Well, let’s start with the basics, what the Bissell Symphony actually is. This is not just a vacuum cleaner or a steam mop it is both rolled into one. The idea is that it makes cleaning so much easier, but not just that it makes it much more efficient. Plus the asking price is also very reasonable.

How Does The Bissell Symphony Work?

There are a ton of vacuums out there that are designed with hardwood floors in mind. As a matter of fact, I have one and it does work very well. However, the Bissell Symphony vacuum and steam mop is kicking things up a notch.

You see this will vacuum your hardwood floors and it will take good care of them and get in there nice and deep, picking up dog hair and the remains of your kids spilled morning breakfast.

The way that I use this is to take care of the kitchen, bathroom, and the hallway hardwood floors. As well as vacuuming, it also steam cleans the floor.

The only thing that you need to add is water. There are no yucky or dangerous chemicals so it is perfectly safe if you have kids and pets. While the vacuum is great, this Bissell steam mop is so powerful that the folks at Bissel say that it actually gets rid of 99% of the bacteria that is on your floor.

Is The Bissell Symphony Vacuum And Steam Mop Easy To Use?

When you first hear that the Bissel Symphony is both a vacuum and a steam Mop, you may think that you need a fancy science degree or have the intelligence of a supervillain to get it working. That is not the case at all, it really could not be any easier to use. I already said that you do not need chemicals, all you need is water.

Once added, you set the level of steam that you want. You will want low steam when you are doing your hardwood floors, but I suggest picking it up all the way if you are blasting the bathroom tiles or the kitchen vinyl.

One of the most impressive things about the Bissel Symphony is the way that it makes cleaning so much easier. It takes no time at all and you will find that you are spending much less time cleaning. I use it once a week for a really solid and deep clean and then whenever the kids or pets make a mess, I can get it out and give the area a quick clean. It really could not be any simpler to use.

Changing the different settings is very easy too. There are three buttons on the handle, vac, high and low. You press the desired one that you want and that is all there is to it. The handle can actually be adjusted so you can have it as high or low as you want, making it comfortable to use.

The whole thing only weighs around 10 pounds so it is nice and light too. The only thing that would make it better were if it were cordless, but to be fair the power cord is long enough for me and I am sure most other people too.

How Easy Is The Bissell Symphony Vacuum And Steam Cleaner To Clean And Maintain?

One of the things I hated about our old vacuum cleaner was emptying the darn thing. I swear I would have it right over the garbage can and some of the mess would still end up on the floor.

You may be worried that as this has water in it, the dust collector/canister is going to be full of soggy dust and dirt! Well, there is some very clever technology in play in the Bissell Symphony 1132a which ensures that no water gets into the canister.

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You may think the canister looks pretty small, but actually, it can hold a whole lot of dirt and dust before you need to empty it. The vacuum section is in the front so you do not have to worry about what you are vacuuming up getting wet before it picks it up.

On the very bottom of the unit are the mop pads. You may be wondering what happens when these get dirty. Well, this “tray” lifts off and you can throw the mop pad right into the washing machine so it is all nice and clean for the next time you want to use it. It actually comes with 4 mop pads so you will not have to worry about replacing them for a very long time.

I actually have not changed the first one I used and I have even washed it a couple of times. So, I have a feeling that I am going to get a lot of use out of these 4 pads before I have to think about getting replacements.

So What Is The Final Verdict On The Bissell Symphony?

I think that the Bissell Symphony vacuum and steam cleaner is a slam dunk. They have done a great job with this and I think if you have hardwood floors, tiles, vinyl or anything else like that, you really will love what this can do.

Not only does it make sure that the floors are nice and clean. Thanks to the steam, you do not have to worry about the floor being full of nasty bacteria as it gets rid of 99 percent of it.

It is super easy to use and I think that the asking price is more than fair. I really think that this is going to help you as much as it has helped me. No one likes doing chores! Well, the Bissell Symphony makes taking care of the floor way, way easier.

This post was last updated on January 18th, 2021 at 04:59 pm