Dibea C17 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dibea C17 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner review



Price, versatile


Filtration isn’t very good


An excellent cleaning performance on bare floor and low pile carpet with superior cordless performance.

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Today I am taking a close look at the Dibea C17 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner which is one of the more affordable cordless vacuum cleaners on the market right now.

It is aimed at those who want a cordless vacuum that can clean the whole house, but who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars. So how good is this new vacuum from Dibea? Keep on reading this Dibea C17 review to find out.

2 In 1 Functionality

So what is the deal with the 2 in 1 name? Well the Dibea C17 is both a stick vacuum and a hand vacuum. This means that with this vacuum you can do the whole house and you can even take it outside if you need to give the car a good cleaning.

Quality Vacuuming

Dibea C17 cordless vacuum cleaner review

Clearly, at this kind of budget price range, you are not getting Dyson level power. However, the 120 W of power is actually very decent. The motor that they have used in here is more powerful than you would think and while some messes may take more than one going over, it will definitely get the job done.

The rotating cleaning head is quite large, but the suction does not go all the way to the sides (but this is easily fixed as you will find out later) so be sure to watch out for that. The head can actually move when you are using it in stick form which is great.

It lets you get round chair legs, the coffee table and the mountain of junk that is no doubt on the kid's bedroom floors! It has a standard vacuuming mode and also a MAX mode.

MAX mode is what you use when you have tried everything else and the mess you are trying to pick up needs some Incredible Hulk level elbow grease to get it off. Of course, using MAX mode will cut the battery time in half.

What Surfaces Can The Dibea C17 Handle?

In my research, I found that the Dibea C17 cordless is best at taking on carpets that are not too thick. These along with vinyl and hardwood floors are no problem at all and you will be very impressed with the quality of cleaning that it provides you.

The fact that it can quickly be turned into a hand vac is awesome. This means if the kids or one of the pets has made a mess that needs to be cleaned up quickly it can.

Also, the hand vac is fantastic for cleaning things like the sofa and the beds. You can go right over it nice and quickly and give these types of areas a bit of a “bonus” clean that they would not usually get.

The stairs though are where the hand vac really comes into its own. Vacuuming the stairs is always a pain, but a quick change to the hand vac will fix that.

With Great Accessories Comes Great Cleaning!

For me, accessories can make or break a vacuum. Remember how we discussed that this cannot go all the way to the edges? Well, it comes with some tools that will help with that. First is a crevice tool or if you prefer, a wand.

This is great for getting into the corners and those tight spots like under the sofa. Also included is an upholstery tool. With this connected to it in hand vac mode, it will make the Dibea C17 cordless great for taking care of any surfaces that are a little delicate.

I would also suggest that you can use the upholstery tool if you have pets and their hair is really stuck in.

A Button You Only Have To Push Once

Some stick vacuum cleaners have this thing where instead of just having a power button that you press and then the vacuum cleaner is on, you have to always hold the switch, trigger, button or whatever you want to call it down.

This vacuum does not make you do that and your wrist is going to thank you for it. You push it down once and it is good to go. If you press it down a second time, MAX mode will be engaged. I know that this sounds like a silly feature to talk about, but it is the kind of thing that helps make vacuuming the house that little bit easier.

How Is The Battery Life?

You get 40 minutes of run time from a full charge. You are looking at 4 to 5 hours for a full charge and you have to actually remove the battery in order to charge it. When you are using MAX mode the battery life will be around 20 minutes.

I would say that the battery life is more than comparable to other cordless vacuum cleaners, not just in this price range, but in general. There is also a docking station included for easy storage.

Getting Rid Of The Mess

Dibea C17 handheld vacuum cleaner review

The worst part about vacuuming…. Apart from the actual vacuuming itself! Is usually when you have to empty the canister. The canister on the Dibea C17 is not the largest on the market, but it is certainly large enough for the family home.

Dibea has done a great job in making emptying the canister as easy as possible and in my research I have not come across any horror stories of people having hair, Cheerios and other mess being all clumped up so it had to be pulled out with hand!

One thing that I will say is that the filters that this vacuum use appear to get dirty quite quickly. Thankfully they can be removed and cleaned easily, but this is something you will certainly want to keep an eye on as vacuuming and getting a load of dust spat in your face while you do it is never a fun time.

Some people do not like this about the Dibea C17. However, I will say that for a budget-priced cordless vacuum cleaner you really cannot expect them to put in a HEPA filter. As long as you clean it on a regular basis it will be fine.

Dibea C17 Review -  Final Thoughts

The Dibea C17 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a fantastic cordless vacuum cleaner if you want something that is versatile and very affordable.

While it clearly is not going to match a Dyson or a Shark in the power department, the fact that it can turn into a hand vac and also that it comes with a couple of tools make it so you can vacuum the whole house from top to bottom.

Just know that when it comes to very, very thick carpet it may struggle a little bit. However, for regular carpet, hardwood floor, vinyl, the beds, the sofa and so on, this vacuum will be able to easily keep those nice and clean for you.

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