Black & Decker 20V Max

Product Name:20V Max Lithium
Brand:Black & Decker
Weight (lbs):3.4
Features:Pivoting nozzle for tight spaces, Docking station for charging, On-board brush and crevice tool
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Vacuuming can be one of the most frustrating household chores there is; either your vacuum can’t get to everything you need it to reach, or it’s just so heavy that dragging it from room to room is like a chore in itself.

How can you remove these issues, but still have a vacuum that is powerful enough that it actually picks up everything there is? Your best bet is to go with a handheld vacuum that can really stand up to the upright vacuums available; and a handheld vacuum that you need to be sure you look into is the Black & Decker 20V MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum Cleaner.

This Black & Decker is a handheld vacuum with plenty of power thanks to the 20V lithium-ion battery; you will get suction and power for much longer than the standard handheld vacuums you’re used to.

High Performance and Convenient Cleaning

This Black & and Decker handheld vacuum is a much improved machine compared to previous models. The motor is more powerful, which means better suction. It also features cyclonic technology, the same technology as more expensive upright vacuums, rather than the direct suction method that older handhelds use. This leads to more efficient cleaning, as less battery power is needed to cover the same size of area.

black & decker 20v pivoting nozzleThe pivoting nozzle is a genius idea. It adjusts up to 180 degrees with several lockable positions so you really can clean EVERY hard to reach area in your home! This nozzle also means that a much smaller space is needed to store the vacuum compared to other handheld cleaners on the market.

The brush and the crevice tools are actually attached to the device for even more convenience. This removes the chance of them getting lost or damaged and also saves time as you don’t have to attach or remove them, they are always there ready to flipped into position when needed.

Lithium Battery and Easy to Clean

black & decker handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to cleanThe Black & Decker 20V Max is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is proven to last longer than NiCad batteries and have very low self-discharge. This enables you to clean for longer, the vacuum will charge faster, and battery degradation occurs over a much longer period of time.

The bagless container that captures all the lovely dirt and debris that you suck up is 42% larger than previous models. It has a door on the side for instant emptying, and it can also be removed along with the filters for a deeper clean. Simply wash the container and filter with water and it will be ready to go again.


Features and Specifications of the Black & Decker 20V Max Vacuum Cleaner

  • High performance motor provides excellent suction capability
  • Lithium-ion battery provides longer use and better charge performance
  • Pivoting nozzle for hard to reach areas and floor to ceiling cleaning
  • Wide mouth design to clean up more in less time
  • On-board upholstery brush and crevice tool to reach extra tight spaces
  • Removable, washable filter and dirt bowl for easy cleaning
  • Weight – 3.4lbs
  • Air Watts – 35 Watts
  • Capacity – 15oz/0.4l

Customer Reviews and Scores

black & decker max pivot handheld vacuum cleanerThe Black & Decker 20V MAX vacuum cleaner has over 4000 reviews on Amazon to date. The average score of these reviews is an incredible 4.4 out of a possible 5. The fact that this vacuum cleaner has so many positive reviews means that it is easy for me to recommend it to you.

One possible drawback of the Black & Decker MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum is the need to charge it. It takes time every time your battery needs recharged, and over time the quality of the battery will degrade and you will likely need to charge it more often.

Ultimately this is a problem for any handheld vacuum cleaner however, and the lithium-ion battery means that this particular model lasts a lot longer than others.

Comments from customers about the battery include “The battery charge duration is great”, “great suction, long battery life, easy to clean out” and “Finally a lithium ion battery!….This one can be charged whenever, without having to deplete the charge first, which makes total sense for a device like this.”

Most people don’t use handhelds as a main vacuum however, so if you use it for a quick clean after a meal or to vacuum the car, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a good quality, low cost handheld vacuum, the Black & Decker MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum is definitely a favorite. With it’s longer lasting lithium-ion battery, impressive suction power and convenient easy cleaning, it definitely has enough features to compete with other more expensive vacuums.

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