Dirt Devil Lift and Go

Product Name:Dirt Devil Lift and Go
Brand:Dirt Devil
Weight (lbs):13
Features:Upright vacuum with removable canister, Extra-long extended power cord, Quick-rinse HEPA filter, Washable Microfiber Dusting Pad
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If you are in need of a standard vacuum cleaner – none of these fancy, industrial, high-tech, near transformer-like vacuums you can find on the market these days, just a simple vacuum cleaner – then I can highly recommend the Dirt Devil Lift and Go Vacuum (UD70300B). It comes with a neat, simple 30ft cord and is confusion-proof!

Best Features of the Dirt Devil Lift and Go

dirt devil lift and go vacuum cleanerThis “Dirt Devil” is simple, clear and easy to use and true to it’s name, it comes in the devilish color of red.

The best feature of this vacuum lies in it’s simplicity, but it also comes with an array of really handy cleaning attachments, such as a nifty microfiber dusting pad that swipes dust off hard floors. You could consider using this as a mop attachment too, as this attachment is easy to clean in the washing machine.

The Dirt Devil Lift and Go Vacuum Cleaner is like a one man cleaning band, perfect for any household cleaning production.

More features of our devilish dirt-removing friend include a 2-in-1 combo tool and a turbo tool which is air powered. This enables it to clean multiple surfaces, from carpets to corners to hardwood flooring.

This cleaner is also simple to clean, so there is no need to fret once the dirt has been transferred into the vacuum. Just remove the container, dispose of the contents and rinse out the filter; very minimal drama involved unlike vacuum cleaners with a bag on the inside.

It holds a three-year warranty, although I read many reviews online on how dirt devils have a reputation for far outlasting the warranty. One customer said he bought this vacuum after an older model version broke and it worked like a dream for 20 YEARS until that point!


For a vacuum that can suck dirt up down to an accuracy of 0.3 microns (that means very tiny particles you can’t even see with your eyes), the Dirt Devil Lift and Go is incredibly decently priced. It is classed in the budget price range, to see the latest prices on Amazon click here.

Customer Reviews

dirt devil is good for hard to reach placesConsumers who bought this product were very pleased with the suction power and ease of use brought about by this specific Dirt Devil model. The multiple attachments made it very convenient to clean the whole house and keep it that way. It got a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon after a total of 78 reviews and is definitely top of the range for simple vacuum cleaners around the house.

There were a few concerns raised from consumers about the manufacturers claim of it being a light weight vacuum. One woman stated, “it seems a little heavy for a vacuum that promises ‘lift and go’ versatility.” It weighs approximately 13 lbs standing upright and 9 lbs when converted to it’s canister mode. If this is too much for you to carry, don’t fret about it, because this vacuum cleaner comes on wheels that are there to aid you and they work flawlessly.

The Dirt Devil Lift and Go Vacuum Cleaner works like a dream on all surfaces in the home and is an affordable option in the world of household cleaning equipment. I give it the royal thumbs up, go ahead and buy one if you like long-lasting simplicity at it’s best!

Read the Latest Reviews and Find out Prices Here

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