Dyson V6 Absolute

Product Name:V6 Absolute
Weight (lbs):5.1
Features:Trigger release for up to 20 minutes of powerful fade free suction, Soft roller cleaner head made for hardwood floors, Whole machine HEPA filtration, Handheld mode and mini motorized tool
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Looking for that intermediate range vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor that gives you full bang for your buck? I think that the Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum  will serve your needs more than adequately!

The prior model to the really powerful Dyson V8, the V6 incorporates a toned-down version of the V8’s best qualities for a fraction of the price.

Best Features Of The Dyson V6 Absolute

dyson v6 absolute vacuum cleaner best for hardwood floorsStill quite a powerful vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring and carpet, the Dyson V6 has a number of fantastic features. It’s cord-free for one, meaning you will never have to worry again about being restricted in your cleaning movements.

It’s modern mobile design makes it easier to move across hardwood flooring especially, using two soft rollers to maneuver easily around the house. These are especially wonderful when it comes to sucking up dust and large debris at the same time! The suction power is top-notch and will please most home-carers, however, you should consider viewing the Dyson V8 if you are looking for monstrous power output.

The battery will allow you to clean for up to 20 minutes – this is more than enough time to clean your home if you consider that your movement is never impinged upon and that one swift movement will suck up all dirt in one go. Don’t waste your battery power by moving over one section repeatedly, you are missing the point of this sophisticated technology, intended to save your time and efforts!

The V6 has a second motorized head on the top of the vacuum, allowing for one to easily reach and clean in ceiling crevices or hard to reach places. It has multiple other brush attachments and a simple, rinse-once to clean HEPA filtration system, making it a delight to maintain.


This is a middle of the range vacuum cleaner, giving you an idea for the most powerful suction on the market while still retaining price integrity. There are cheaper vacuums out there, but whether they have the features or suction power of the V6 is another question. To see the latest prices on Amazon, click here.

Customer Reviews

This vacuum converts into a handheldThe Dyson V6, from all customer perspectives, has been reviewed as a best selling cordless vacuum cleaner, light-weight, with great mobility and in most cases, more than satisfactory suction power.

Overall 748 customers have reviewed it on Amazon and 70% gave it 5 out of 5 stars, leaving it with a final impressive rating of 4.5 stars.

A point to note when going about working with Dyson vacuum cleaners, you need to take care of the battery and respect the instructions! I have read a few complaints from users describing that their Dyson only gives 5-20 mins of power and then has to be charged for over 3 hours to function.

When you receive this vacuum cleaner, you will need to charge it for a long period of time to fully spark life into that battery, which will enable it to run for the max time. Thereafter, you need to look after the battery – if you try to use it for 5 mins here and there, charging it for less time in between uses, the battery life will be altered. To get the best functionality out of it, clean your home once a day or once at the beginning and end of the day and let it rest in between.

If you research lithium battery technology, you will understand why this happens to these batteries.

Those that respect their Dyson V6 can enjoy the full range of uses it has to offer. If you are looking for a longer clean time, take a look at the V6’s cousin, the Dyson V8.

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