Hoover Air Bagless Upright

Product Name:Air Cordless
Weight (lbs):9.9
Features:WindTunnel 3 technology, 50 minutes cleaning time with 2 rechargeable batteries included, LED headlights, Lithium-ion battery
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It’s been one of those weeks – the house was reduced to a pile of rubble in a matter of seconds and my trusty vacuum cleaner just gave in under the pressure, refusing to switch on.

I did some research on the all-knowing internet and found something very exciting! I present to you the Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner (BH50140).

Best Features of the Hoover Air Cordless

Hoover air cordless review lightsAs the name suggests, this vacuum cleaner is not shackled to the wall by a cord of any kind, giving you the freedom of movement you always wished you had with the vacuum cleaner.

This is made possible by the two Lithium-ion batteries, which are all-inclusive, allowing you to clean up dirt unhampered for a full 25 minutes per battery while the second battery charges. If that’s not enough time to clean the house, simply pop the second one in and keep going! I think it’s great that you don’t have to spend even more money on batteries.

I thought that perhaps, because it’s so convenient, it must be weak or fall apart in seconds, but to my delight, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘catch’. This nifty cleaner can suck up dirt better than your standard vacuum cleaner.

It uses a suction generated from three channels inside it’s sleek design and is light compared to other models that can exert the same suction. This gives it a really powerful edge over carpets where the dirt can remain trapped easily. You may find yourself removing portions of your ancestry from your home after buying this!

It also comes inclusive with extra attachments, dusting tools, rotating brushes and LED’s to guide the way.


Price wise, it’s actually a bargain, being such a powerful device in the intermediate range of vacuums. I would say it is in the middle of the pricing range, and if you can pick one up second hand it will be even cheaper. To see the latest prices on Amazon, click here. 

Customer Reviews

hoover air cordless tools and attachmentsPeople absolutely ate this household tool up, really appreciating it’s absolute mobile freedom with no compromise to suction power. I noticed that many claimed the instructions are really easy to follow and the device is also incredibly intuitive to assemble, not a hassle at all.

There are many reviews on Amazon (1249 at the time I am writing this) and more than half of them gave 5 stars, although the device has an overall 4 star rating.

The only negative reviews I have read on the device so far have been regarding a slow deterioration of it’s ability to suck up debris over time. I think this is pretty usual for vacuum cleaners and Hoover gives a 5 year guarantee on this vacuum, giving a good indication of life expectancy. These complaints surfaced after 2 years or more of use, but the vacuum still worked and Hoover is glad to assist you. One reviewer said, “there was 1 defective battery and it was replaced by Hoover.”

Overall, the reviews for this vacuum cleaner are lengthily, with praises. It’s compact power and cordless freedom are undeniable benefits that make the Hoover Air Cordless “effortless to use” and a much needed tool in your household cleaning arsenal. I highly recommend this!

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