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I found this whilst looking for budget vacuum cleaners that can do the same job as more expensive models. I wanted to bring the most affordable household cleaning solution to the table and that’s where the Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum surfaced and caught my attention. Really, there might be better vacuum cleaners out there, but what if you are on a tight budget, as so many of us are?

Best Features of the Shark Navigator Freestyle

Despite the intimidating Shark reference in the name, this harmless vacuum cleaner is actually user-friendly and compact in design. The best feature of this Shark vacuum is the convenience of not needing to plug it into a wall, allowing you to freely “navigate” the seven seas of dirt build-up in your home for 30-minute intervals.

Added mobility is displayed in its design with swivel steering, giving you full control of your ship. It has a bigger dust cup than most vacuum cleaners, which manages to stay put inside its sleek design (I suppose ‘the shark’ is an appropriate title for it after all).

It allows for two-speed settings for carpet or hard-floor and is very easy to clean – just empty the dust out into the bin, no bags, and no dust storms. The suction power is enhanced with a cyclonic movement of air, spiraling debris off the floor and away with Dorothy!

The warranty is only one year and I would like to say, “you get what you pay for,” except that in many cases this vacuum far outlasts this warranty. Happy buyers of this product have commented on this time and time again, stating it can last for two and even up to three years.


Cost-effective and a super choice for an entry-level vacuum, the Shark is in the budget range of cordless vacuums. This was the first time I saw that second-hand vacuums were selling for more than the price of a new one. The value this machine imparts to the home clearly speaks for itself, with consumers feeling it is worth more than the manufacturer does.

Customer Reviews

Only high praises are being sung about this vacuum cleaner. Customers are very pleased with the ease of use the cordless feature provides, with no compromise in affordability.

A comment I personally enjoyed reading about it was “this machine is an ‘I hate cleaning’ person’s dream!” There are over 2000 reviews and it still received a 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon. Nearly 70% of the 2395 ratings were 5 out of 5 stars!

I struggled to find some bad press on this vacuum and finally, I discovered that some users were frustrated, because they could not predict how long they could use the battery for or how long to charge it. The instructions say that it needs to be charged for a good 7 hours upfront and that the charging time takes less thereafter. Other people said that it gave them about 30 minutes of use and most people were pleased. Reading the instructions helps when you get a new device to play with!

Another great vacuum cleaner that anybody can afford. I don’t recommend this for serious household cleaning fanatics, but the Shark will do the job if you’re on a limited budget!

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