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Shark vs Dyson: A Comparison Between Two Heavyweights Of The Vacuum World

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When you are looking for a vacuum no matter if it is for a specific purpose like pet hair, hard to reach area, or just for blitzing your whole house, you will always come across two names when you look for the best vacuum and those names are Dyson and Shark.

No matter how many “best vacuum lists” you look at, these names pop up time and time again….

But what is the difference?

And what makes the two brands so popular?

Well, that is what we are here to look at today. Dyson is the main name in vacuums and most people when they think of high-end vacuum cleaners will think of Dyson.

Dyson does a great job in marketing how powerful their vacuum cleaners are and that they offer twice the suction of the leading brands. Without a doubt even that guy who vacuums his apartment only once a month know about Dyson!

In regards to Shark, Shark is a much smaller company, but they are getting more and more popular.

They may lack the marketing muscle that Dyson has, however, Shark, when they do advertise, will often take a shot at Dyson.

The reason for this is that Shark is all about offering just as powerful suction as a Dyson but at a much lower price point. So while they may not have the brand recognition that Dyson does in the next few years that certainly may not be the case!

Dyson Vs Shark: Upright Vacuums

Shark Vs Dyson Comparison

Here we are going to look at a Dyson and a Shark upright vacuum and look at what makes each one so great.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away

At first glance, you may think that the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away is a traditional old-school style of upright vacuum, but this is one of the most sophisticated vacuums on the market.

You, of course, are not getting that big ball technology that Dyson is all about with their upright, but Shark have done something else to make sure the crumbs the kids have left down the back of the sofa and the dog hair that is all over the bottom of the stairs is no hassle to pick up.

At first glance, you may think that the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away is a traditional old-school style of upright vacuum, but this is one of the most sophisticated vacuums on the market.

You, of course, are not getting that big ball technology that Dyson is all about with their upright, but Shark have done something else to make sure the crumbs the kids have left down the back of the sofa and the dog hair that is all over the bottom of the stairs is no hassle to pick up.

Lift-Away Technology for Floor to Ceiling Cleaning

What Shark have done is make it so you can “lift away” the canister. This is a huge feature and it allows you to take the canister off and move the vacuum under the sofa round tricky corners and other places that a standard upright just cannot reach.

It makes vacuuming very easy and one thing that Shark has done is awesome is that they have made it so very easy to attach and detach the main canister. Not only that when it is in there, it is in there good, you have no worries about it falling out at all.

There is some really nice power here which along with a bristle brush and a soft brush roll (hence the name DuoClean) mean there is no floor that this cannot handle. It makes it so you can go from carpet to hardwood floors very easily and you do this with the simple touch of a button. In all, it makes vacuuming the whole house a far easier, less boring and less stressful experience.

LED Lights for Complete Cleaning Vision

One really neat feature that does not get enough credit is the LED lights that are on the front. This not only lets the dog know it needs to get out of the way, it makes it so you can see any hidden mess and if you have kids, you will certainly have hidden mess under or down the side of your chairs!

The canister is really well made. It can hold a whole lot of mess before you need to empty it and even when full, you do not need to worry about it being super heavy and hard to empty.

Also, there is Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which keeps away the annoying dust and particles that make you sneeze up a storm, this is such a great feature and ensures that your air and floors are much cleaner.

Cheaper Than Most Dysons

Of course, as this is a Shark, you will be wondering just how much does the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away cost compared to a Dyson or other upright vacuums? Well, the price is quite a bit less than the Dyson upright vacuum which of course is always a nice touch.

The lower price point does make this perfect for someone who is not bothered about the Dyson name, but still wants a vacuum that has enough power and flexibility to take on the whole house.

With an interesting style and the ability to remove the canister, this is one vacuum that is not just affordable, it makes cleaning the whole house nice and easy.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Here we have the classic, Dyson Ball Animal 2. It makes use of Dyson’s “ball technology”; if you have seen a Dyson commercial, you have seen this ball.

It makes vacuuming so much easier as the vacuum actually can move far more than a standard upright vacuum, almost like a canister vacuum. It makes vacuuming a large area so much easier as it is much easier to turn.

You can get right around table legs and other things that get in the way. The overall design is actually really nice and many people love that purple design that Dyson have gone for here.

Intelligent Cleaning for Any Surface

Making vacuuming as easy as possible is what Dyson is going for here. It has a really cool featuring that will see it change the base plate by itself. So if you are vacuuming in the living room which has a really high and shaggy carpet and go straight into the hall which is a much finer type of carpet, you do not have to mess around changing any settings or manually adjust the vacuum. 

This ease of use makes vacuuming so much quicker, especially if you have a large area that you need to get done. The super long power cable means you can do a large area without having to keep changing the power outlet.

Easy One-Click Empty

Impressively, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 can hold a whole lot of garbage that it picks up before you need to worry about emptying it and Dyson have again made this very easy. It has a bigger dust cup than older models, such as the Dyson DC65.

You will not make making the horrible mistake of opening it above the garbage can, only for it to empty all over the floor by the garbage can! It is so easy even the kids can do it so when their room is so bad, you refuse to go in their without a hazmat suit, you can just get them to vacuum and then empty the mess.

Dyson Ball Animal Features

We have all had that one vacuum that requires so much effort to actually clean the vacuum, you wonder why you even bother!

Well with this, it has what Dyson calls “radial root cyclone” technology and with this, it keeps out those dust particles that can make a vacuum not function properly, overheat and in general just be a real pain to use. Dyson makes sure this is not an issue.

Powerful Dyson Suction

As this is a Dyson they, of course, tell you that it has the most powerful suction of any vacuum. While we have no real scientific way of proving this, without a doubt, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 makes light work of anything that is messing up your house.

Only having to go over an area once or twice is a huge time saver and even annoying things like Lego and other stuff the kids leave all over the house is no trouble for this. It makes vacuuming a real breeze as it will take a fraction of the time it did with your old vacuum.

Without a doubt, this is one of the stand-out vacuums in the Dyson range and if you want an upright vacuum this is one of the best on the market.

Shark Versus Dyson: Cordless Stick Vacuums

If you are sick of tripping over a power cable or pulling it out of the power socket, a cordless stick-style vacuum is what you need.

Here are the best Shark cordless stick and Dyson cordless stick on offer.

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean

Cordless stick vacuums are all the rage right now and Shark has a fantastic one with the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean.

As this is a cordless stick-style vacuum it is made so that it can vacuum your whole house and boy can it certainly do that!

It has three different cleaning modes which make vacuuming more fun than it should be, but also much easier.

Cordless Cleaning for Every Surface

The standard mode is called upright and this mode makes it function and feel like a traditional upright vacuum cleaner, all be it a much more powerful and lighter vacuum.

The power that this offers means that you can go from your living room carpet, hardwood floor hallway and even your kitchen without missing a beat.

Reach mode is the mode that is going to really save you. Reach mode allows you to change the angle that the vacuum is at and this is a major reason as to why so many people love this vacuum cleaner.

It is nice and lightweight so no matter how awkward the area, this can get into it. If you have a sofa that always seems to have cereal, candy and other things the kids put under there making a home for themselves, this mode is a lifesaver. This rings true if your dog is always leaving hair in awkward places.

Lightweight Above-Floor Cleaning

Like most other stick vacuums, the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean allows you to vacuum higher up places like the top of doors, the curtains and anywhere else that is usually out of reach. This mode is called the Above Floor Cleaning Mode.

So any spider that has set up home in the corner of your living room is out of luck! In all seriousness, this is a great mode and one that you will use way more than you would think.

One thing that really makes this a great vacuum cleaner and also a very good deal is the batteries. As this is cordless there is no tripping over a power cable when you are vacuuming. However, one sticking point for many people is battery life.

Well with this, they actually give you two batteries. This way you can always have one charging, so you never have to wait around for the battery to be charged before you use it. Considering the asking price, this makes it even more attractive.

So if one of the kids or the dog makes a mess, you do not have to facepalm as you have not put the vacuum cleaner on charge, a battery is always on charge since you get two!

Lots of Included Extras

As well as the batteries, you also get some other “extras” such as the pet multi-tool, dust brush, and the duster crevice tool. You can play around with these and find what ones are best for your house.

These extra attachments really do make it so this vacuum can handle the whole house.

If you want a vacuum that is going to make vacuuming the whole house very easy and also gives you major bang for your buck, take a closer look at this!

Dyson V8 Absolute

Often regarded as one of the best cordless stick vacuums on the market the Dyson V8 Absolute is kind of the Rolls Royce of the vacuuming world.

The power that this has is very impressive, so impressive you will be looking for things to throw on the floor to see just what it can pick up! 

Powerful Suction in A Lightweight Body

Dyson, of course, says that this is the most powerful suction you can get and they very well could be true. It packs such a strong punch that even if one of the kids has gotten potato chips all over your thick living room carpet, this will be able to get in there nice and deep and suck it all up! Even pet hair is no trouble for this vacuum cleaner.

With this kind of power, you may expect there to be a very hefty motor powering it. While there is a powerful motor, the whole vacuum (with no attachments) only weighs a little over 4 pounds. It makes vacuuming such an easier thing to do.

You can even take the main attachment off so that you can use it in a super compact mode so that you can clean things like the sofa, the beds and anything else that is not right on the ground. And for things that are high, you can just lift it right up and take care of it.

So cobwebs and anything else that is up high such as the curtains are very easy to clean. This lightweight and length also make it so you can get right at the back, underneath your sofa without having to move it.

Motorized Cleaner To Tackle Every Kind of Dirt

One of the craziest things about this vacuum is that it has a very special attachment and this attachment is called the motorized floor cleaner. When you attach this it makes it so much easier to take care of a larger floor space (like the living room for example) it kicks things up a notch and you will be very thankful that they included it.

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum

Of course, this extra horsepower does come at the expense of the battery as when you are using this, battery life is reduced to around 25 minutes. However this makes vacuuming so quick and easy, you will be long done before then. But there is more! This has one other extra powerful mode called max mode where it is operating at extreme power, ideal for really messy accidents or stubborn pet hair.

Impressive Docking Station

Even with all this power, the Dyson V8 Absolute is very light, even for a cordless stick-style vacuum. It even comes with a really cool dock that you cannot just use to charge, but also make sure the vacuum stays safe and out of the way on the wall.

It even, thanks to the HEPA filtration, makes sure no nasty dust particles or allergens are being put into the air, Dyson actually say the air that this puts out is cleaner than the air you breathe, which is pretty crazy to think about.

If you want the very best of the best and the asking price is not an issue, you will be very happy with this and see why it is held in such high regard.

Shark Vs Dyson: Handheld Vacuums

A handheld vacuum can be a real lifesaver if you need to clean the car, get pet hair off the couch or just give the upholstery a nice deep clean.

Here we have one of the top handheld Shark vacuums and Dyson handheld vacuums.

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac

Shark has done a great job with the Rocket Corded.

While we are not wanting to focus on price, it is important to note that Shark is currently selling this for well under 100 bucks. 

The idea is that you would have this as well as a more traditional vacuum to take care of your floors.

Shark has done a great job with the Rocket Corded.

While we are not wanting to focus on price, it is important to note that Shark is currently selling this for well under 100 bucks. The idea is that you would have this as well as a more traditional vacuum to take care of your floors.

Small in Size but Big on Performance

The overall design is great. It is nice and compact, but best of all it weighs around 4 pounds so even if you have to spend ages cleaning chocolate peanuts, Pringles, and other mess out of the car after a long family road trip, you will not get tired using this for a while.

One of the most impressive aspects of this vacuum is the way that it can hold so much mess. For its size, it captures a large amount of mess before you have to worry about getting rid of it. Plus when you do, it is a one button system, held over a garbage can and it is all gone. Shark really could not have made this any easier to use.

Extra Long Cord for Car Cleaning

This is a corded vacuum, but clearly, Shark know that people will be using this to clean their car as they give you an impressive 15 feet long power cord! The overall power of this is phenomenal.

As this has that powerful Shark suction, it never loses power so you can go from surface to surface and not have to worry about this giving up on you, no matter what gets in its way will get sucked up without any fuss. Even if you have a sofa that has some really deep kind of material on it, this vacuum can get in there nice and deep and get rid of dust that you did not even know was there.

The Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac comes with three different attachments.

The TruePet Motorized Brush is what gets in there really deep and will take care of pet hair, cookies and anything else that is grossing you out. 

It comes with a standard attachment which is great if you need just a quick and easy clean, after a spill for example. It also comes with a thinner longer attachment that can get into the nooks and crannies of your car or even your sofa to get those things that fall through the cracks.

In general, it really does come with all you need to not just clean those hard to reach areas, but clean them properly.

Easy Maintenance with Washable Filters

While emptying the vacuum could not be any easier, one other cool feature of this is that it is very low maintenance. The filters that keep all the nasty dust and allergens from causing you to have sneezing fits can be removed and cleaned, you literally soak them and they are good to go!

Shark Rocket Ultralight Vacuum

Not only does this make keeping the vacuum in top working order easy, it also makes things easier on your bank balance as you never have to worry about buying new filters.

If you want high powered suction, but you do not want to spend a ton of money. You really owe it to yourself to consider this the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac as it offers great quality at an incredible price.

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum

Dyson has had a few handheld vacuums over the years, but the V7 Trigger is regarded as the best of the best.

It is ideal for those who want that high power Dyson suction and that impeccable Dyson quality, but in handheld form so that they can clean their car, sofa, pick up stubborn pet hair and even the kids rooms.

Powerful V7 Motor for Increased Suction

What is really interesting about this is that it is powered with by the Dyson digital motor V7.  Dyson has used this to ensure that the suction you are getting with this vacuum is right on par with what their more traditional vacuums offer.

This motor certainly allows that and the first time people use this, they are shocked at just how much suction power this has. Many even state that it is more powerful than their regular vacuum.

While the price of this is far more than the one offered from Shark, as is always the case when you compare Shark vacuums and Dyson vacuums. One reason for this is that this is completely wireless.

This means that it is truly portable and there is not an area in your house or car that it cannot reach. The battery in it is very high quality as it offers you 30 minutes of nonstop cleaning. The battery only drains when you are actually using it so as you are moving from room to room or the car, you do not waste any battery power as long as it is not turned on.

Handheld Designed for Whole House Cleaning

The Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Vacuum has been designed so that it can clean all over your house. This is clear by the three attachments that they give you.

The main one is the mini motorized tool. We have already spoken about the power, but this is the attachment you will be using the most. If you have pets that like to shed all over the sofa every five minutes, this will make light work of cleaning that up. Even if the kids have trampled Oreos into the carpet, you can get this out and it will get in there really deep and get rid of the mess!

The Combination tool is a little bit of power, but in a more gentle way and ideal if you do not need to give something a real deep clean. It is ideal for giving the car a quick clean every now and again. The final attachment is the crevice tool.

If you have kids, you no doubt know the “joy” of finding surprises in every crevice of your house, this is what you use to get into those really hard to reach areas that are usually a pain in the butt.

Sealed System that Keeps Allergens Inside

One of the things that Dyson do very well is keeping away those nasty allergens and this vacuum is no different. It traps all of the nasty dust and mess and you never have to actually come into contact with it. This is because when you need to get rid of it, you hold it over the garbage can push the release and it is all gone.

If you want your handheld vacuum to have some real power, the Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum is one of the best on the market. It may be a little more pricey, but it is one of the most high-end portable vacuums for sale right now.

Comparison Between Shark Vacuums And Dyson Vacuums

As you can see from the vacuums that we have looked at, there is a clear reason as to why both Dyson and Shark are regarded as the best of the best when it comes to high power, high-quality vacuums.

Like we said earlier, Dyson clearly has more of a recognizable name than Shark, but Shark is getting more popular with each model of vacuum that they release.

There are two easy comparisons that you can do when it comes to vacuums.

One, of course, is power and the other is the price.

Let’s look at power and performance first. If you were to put a Dyson vacuum and a Shark vacuum head to head, Dyson is going to come out on top the majority of the time.

Dyson has been at this for years and their technology really is second to none.

However, that does not mean Shark is bad, quite the opposite actually as tests have shown that while Dyson will usually beat Shark in a head to head test.

Vacuum Store

They do not actually beat them by all that much.

As a result, many people who get a Shark vacuum first will never look back and be more than happy with what Shark offer.

On the flip side of this though, Dyson is a mixed bag.

It is a close 50/50 split when it comes to a Dyson user who has given a Shark vacuum a trial when it comes to if they feel there is a major difference. Some Dyson users will proudly claim that the Dyson is clearly more powerful.

Others though will tell you the difference is really not all that much, especially not as much as the Dyson commercials make out. Still, even with all that said, Dyson vacuums do tend to offer more power and a better performance than a Shark.

Now let’s take a look at the price, while money may not be everything. There are some people who simply cannot afford the prices that Dyson charge and there are also people who are not willing to spend that kind of money on a vacuum. While the power and performance may not be massively different between the two, the price certainly is.

Sure you can shop around and find good deals. However, for the most part, a Shark vacuum is always going to be cheaper than a Dyson. Sometimes the difference can be well over 100 bucks!

This is a huge saving and for some people, this saving is all they need to hear.

Comparing Shark and Dyson is rather challenging.

No question that both of these guys make all kinds of fantastic vacuums. If you want that Dyson name recognition and feel more comfortable spending that little bit extra to get that piece of mind from a company that is well known, you will not regret your purchase at all.

Especially after the first time you use it and see just how good a Dyson is. Yet if you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible and want/need a vacuum that has a lot of power, but with a much lower price tag, you will not be disappointed in what Shark is offering.

Are Shark And Dyson Really The Best Vacuums?

In conclusion, there are clearly more than just these two companies making high-quality vacuums.

Yet these two are the names that come up time and time again when talking about the best quality vacuums on the market.

They offer high power, well-made vacuums that are designed not just to help keep your house clean, but also make vacuuming far less of a chore than it has ever been before. If you want the best, you need to be looking at Shark and Dyson.

All their vacuums have a lot of pros, but very few cons and that is why they are the best.

When looking at a Shark or Dyson vacuum, think about what you need the vacuum for, think about if you need a cordless vacuum, what your budget it, what has the best attachments and so on.

Do not get hung up on the brand, look at what one offers all the things that suit your vacuuming needs.

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