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How To Clean A Mirror Without Streaks: The Best Guide To Streak-Free Glass

How many times have you been cleaning the bathroom, living room, bedroom or any room that has a mirror and you have noticed that the mirror in the room has streaks!

You have given it what you class as a top quality clean and yet those streaks are still there, mocking you! It is very annoying and to be honest this is the kind of thing that once you know how to fix it, will never be an issue again.

That is why today I am sharing with you my method for not just keeping your mirrors clean, but clean without streaks!  The bathroom mirror that you use to check your pearly whites, the bedroom mirror you use to style your hair and any other mirrors in your house will be streak free with this method!

Why Can’t I Just Spray The Mirror With Water?

How To Clean A Mirror

Many people will clean their mirrors with a wet sponge, a spray bottle or even baby wipes and once they are done they think they have done a great job, but two minutes later and there are more streaks than in a European soccer match!

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That is because when you use water or a baby wipe, you are not actually cleaning the oil, dirt, fingerprints and other mess that is on the mirror from it. All you are doing is spreading it around a little bit and that is what gives you those streaks. You can spend a good ten minutes “cleaning” a mirror with water or a baby wipe only for it to not actually do anything!

What Do I Need To Clean Mirrors Without Streaks?

Thankfully, most of what you need for my streak free mirror cleaning method will most likely already be in your house. If it is not, do not worry as a couple of bucks is all you will be spending.

  • A Flat Weave Microfiber Cloth: These are very easy to find and in my experience, they usually tell you right on the packaging that they are designed for cleaning mirrors and glass. This is the type of cloth you need, any other is going to leave streaks. Many dollar stores or other cheap stores will have this for sale in multipacks.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: This is the secret ingredient that is really going to make sure your mirrors sparkle without any streaks. Honestly, if there is a difference between the brands of rubbing alcohol, I have yet to figure out what it is, so do not worry about getting an expensive one.
  • Cotton Pad: You need this for the rubbing alcohol. You can easily get a pack of these for a dollar or less in most places. You do not need fancy ones!
  • checkCleaning Solution: What I use is a mixture of water and vinegar and it has always done the job very well for me and I have been using it for a number of years. Some people though like to use an actual glass cleaner. Either way is good, pick whichever one you feel more comfortable with. If you are using your own solution of white vinegar and water like I do, you will want to use a spray bottle as well.

How To Clean A Mirror Without Streaks

So here we are, onto the main event where you can learn how you can clean your mirrors not just so that there are no streaks, but also very quickly, you are looking at a couple of minutes tops.

  • Step 1: Put rubbing alcohol onto one of the cotton pads. You want to look for larger stains on the mirror. Things like toothpaste, hair gel and any other splashback style messes that may be on there. Use the cotton pad with rubbing alcohol to remove any of these larger, more noticeable stains. One thing I will say is that rubbing alcohol can dry quickly so make sure the cotton pad has enough on it.
  • Step 2: Next up you will be using your cleaning solution. I like to use a mixture of white vinegar and water (around two to three tablespoons of white vinegar for the spray bottle that I have) and I “mist” the mirror. Of course, the size of your spray bottle will depend on how much white vinegar you want to put in there, but I think 2-3 tablespoons should be enough for most normal sized spray bottles.  
  • The temptation here is to blast the mirror with your cleaning solution, but that is a major pain in the butt to deal with so lightly mist it. The more solution you put on there, the longer it is going to take to clean it off and get it dry.
  • Step 3: Now it is time for your microfiber cloth to start pulling its weight. What I like to do is fold the cloth over four times. This way I can use it four times and not have to get another one out of the pack, for larger mirrors this is a great pro tip!
  • Step 4: Now is the actual cleaning process. Start at the top right corner with your microfiber cloth. Do not just start wiping away like a crazy person! Instead work your way down to the bottom left corner in an almost zigzag, s-shaped motion and then work your way to the next corner. Doing this will make sure that the whole mirror gets a good cleaning.
  • Step 5: Once you have finished, look at the mirror for any missed stains or spots. The best way to do this is to look at the mirror at a slight angle. If there are any spots remaining, give them a quick clean and then buff them dry.

Cleaning A Mirror

That is all there is to it! A couple of minutes and it is done. The temptation can be to over clean with the microfiber cloth, but one or two wipe overs is all that is needed for most mirrors unless they are really dirty of course.

Now that you know how to clean a mirror without streaks, I will tell you that this is the kind of method that gets easier and easier the more you do it and eventually, you will be cleaning your mirrors in a minute or even less if you are super efficient!


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