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Eureka Powerspeed Won’t Turn On: Troubleshooting Guide

Eureka PowerSpeed is a series of affordable yet powerful vacuum cleaners. However, the upright PowerSpeed is vulnerable to typical problems like other vacuum cleaners, irrespective of the NEU180 range model you own. For instance, your Eureka PowerSpeed may not turn on. 

If your Eureka PowerSpeed won’t turn on, the causal issue could be a power-related problem: the wall outlet or socket, cord, or the vacuum cleaner’s onboard switch. Also, circuit discontinuity is a possibility. In worse cases, the actual problem may be the motor.  

Vacuum cleaners malfunction for various reasons, including inadvertent errors by users. Typical problems are easy to fix, but some damages are beyond repair. This troubleshooting guide discusses everything you must know & what you can do if a Eureka PowerSpeed won’t turn on. 

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1. Power-Related Problems

Eureka PowerSpeed has an onboard switch, a 25 feet (7.62 meters) power cord, and a 2-pin plug. Any of these 3 components may have a problem. As a result, your Eureka PowerSpeed won’t turn on.

The power cord length is the same for NEU 181A, 182A & 182B, 188A, and 202, among other models. Your model probably has the standard cord. The integrated internal components, such as the switch, are identical for the PowerSpeed series. 

A chipped, cracked, or damaged power cord can disrupt the electricity flow. Thus, you must check the entire cord and its two ends. Although rare, the problem could be the plug, not the cord. 

Also, the causal factor could be your wall outlet or socket. You can check these external components conveniently and then proceed to inspect the internal parts. The internal switch is accessible only when you disassemble a Eureka PowerSpeed model. 

Hence, begin with the external inspections.  

Source: Eureka: PowerSpeed NEU180

How To Fix

Take these steps for preliminary inspection and troubleshooting: 

  • Check if all the external components are snugly fit. 
  • Secure the plug into the wall outlet properly. 
  • Confirm that the wall outlet has power by testing another device. 
  • Inspect the power cord and plug to detect any damage. 
  • Switch to a live wall outlet if the current one isn’t working. 
  • Replace the power cord if you see cracks or tears somewhere.
  • Get a new PowerSpeed plug if it’s damaged or not working. 

These external issues are easier and inexpensive to remedy. If none of these are the problem, you must continue your investigation to detect thermal cut-off and subsequently inspect the onboard switch before delving further. 

2. Overheated Motor Resulting in Thermal Cut-Off

All Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaners have a special thermostat with a thermal cut-off feature. This safety measure detects an overheated motor, so the vacuum cleaner is shut off, thus preventing significant damage. 

Normally, you’ll know if thermal cut-off has shut down the motor and the vacuum cleaner. However, you may not be sure if that’s the causal problem when your Eureka PowerSpeed won’t turn on again. 

Ideally, you should be able to observe signs of overheating. A Eureka PowerSpeed motor is generally loud. The vacuum cleaner may get noisier if the motor overheats. You may also encounter performance glitches, such as fluctuation suction power. 

A thermal cut-off isn’t necessarily a problem with the motor. Clogged filters, blocked hoses, and overloaded dust cups can stress the motor. Operating the vacuum cleaner with these issues can cause an immediate or delayed thermal cut-off. 

Source: Eureka: PowerSpeed NEU180 (User Manual Downloaded from the Site)

How To Fix

Auto thermal cut-offs call for motor reset. You need to wait for your Eureka PowerSpeed to cool down. Eureka recommends 30 minutes before you turn on the vacuum cleaner again. 

Take these steps to remedy thermal cut-off:

  • Turn off the power switch.
  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner.
  • Check for overheating.
  • Find the source of overheating.
  • Take remedial measures.
  • Wait for 30 minutes.
  • Plug the vacuum into the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the power.
  • Step on the onboard power switch.
  • Check if the vacuum turns on.

If your Eureka PowerSpeed motor overheats due to a clogged filter, blocked hose, or a full dust cup, the remedial measures must include addressing these factors. Clean the filter, hose, and dust cup before you replug the vacuum cleaner after 30 minutes. 

Consider replacing an old and unusable foam filter. The pre-motor foam filter is more than an essential or integral component. The foam filter protects the motor. Hence, opt for timely replacement. 

Several Eureka PowerSpeed accessories are readily available. If you don’t find Eureka’s accessories, there are compatible alternatives on Amazon.com. 

For instance, these Air Clean Pre-Motor Foam Filters (link to Amazon) are compatible with Eureka Powerspeed vacuum cleaners, including models NEU 180, 180B, 180C, 182A, 12CT, 186, 188, 188A, 190, and 192A.

Other Causes (and Solutions) for Overheated Motors

As is true of all vacuum cleaners, an overheated motor in a Eureka PowerSpeed model isn’t necessarily due to a clogged filter, blocked hose, or excessive load in the dust cup. The motor itself could be a problem. 

A motor with malfunctioning parts can overheat even if you use the vacuum cleaner for a brief period. Excessive or prolonged use without adequate cleaning and maintenance is more common, but motors can and do fail. 

If the thermal cut-off is due to a failing motor, the above steps may not solve the problem. You’ll have to delve deeper and inspect the internal components of your Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner. 

Another possibility is an oversensitive thermostat. The thermal cut-off feature is for safety. If it’s activated even when a motor isn’t excessively hot, your Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner will shut down. 

Such issues may be due to manufacturing defects or malfunctioning parts, and you can use the warranty if still available. Otherwise, you’ll need a technician for a thorough diagnosis. 

3. Malfunctioning Switches

Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaners have an onboard power switch at the bottom left, atop the motor. This power switch is reasonably sturdy and durable. However, the internal components connected to the external power switch may have a few problems. 

For instance, you may have a misaligned detent switch, an internal wire may have come apart, and there can be other issues, such as circuit discontinuity. If you don’t hear the click sound when you step on the power switch, it’s probably damaged, and you must replace it. 

You cannot inspect the internal components unless you access the motor chamber, which is encapsulated among the base, the wheels, and the handle. A loose wire or malfunctioning switch isn’t an expensive fix, but you’ll need a few basic tools and some time. 

How To Fix

You have to take apart your Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner to inspect the internal switch and wiring. You can easily remove the dust cup, hose, filter, and other components using the respective clasps. Step on the handle release to separate the base. 

Page 11 of the user manual has a pictorial representation of how to operate the handle release. Page 12 has a pictorial guide to remove the screws to detach the brush roll cover. You need to take these steps to access the Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner’s internal switch & wires.

If you don’t have a user manual handy, download it from the official Eureka site here.  

You may also refer to this teardown video to access the internal switch and circuit:

Replace the switch if damaged. A new switch is one of the most inexpensive remedies when your Eureka PowerSpeed won’t turn on. 

Sometimes, a switch may appear alright and can also make the click sound during detent. Yet, it may have malfunctioned due to a lack of resistance. Use a multimeter or ohmmeter to test if the switch has resistance. (The above video shows this step.) 

4. Circuit Discontinuity

If you have a flawless switch, the thing to check for is circuit discontinuity. A Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner won’t turn on if the circuit doesn’t allow electricity to run through the wired connections, thus operating every essential component. 

Also, weak connections or circuit continuity issues impair the performance of all vacuum cleaners. Those dealing with poor suction and other performance issues should check for circuit continuity problems. 

How To Fix

Ensure the wires are properly connected. Check for loose connections and damaged wires. You can test the switch and the wires using a multimeter to confirm if the circuit is alright. Only then can you rule these out as the actual problem. 

Inspect every component in the circuit, including the wire harnesses. In some cases, the integral circuit parts may be misaligned. Improper use, debris finding a way through to the switch and circuit, and failing parts can cause teething issues. 

Overheated motor, excessive use, lack of maintenance, and manufacturing defects may also cause circuit continuity problems. In some cases, vacuum cleaner components may suffer burnout. If you smell anything burning, don’t attempt to turn on the vacuum cleaner. 

You must inspect the motor chamber before plugging the device into a power outlet. If the switch, wires, and circuit are working fine, nothing is burnt or physically damaged; the only other problem could be the Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner motor. 

5. Damaged Motor

The most severe and expensive problem is a damaged or malfunctioning motor in a vacuum cleaner. If you’ve checked everything in this guide so far, and nothing yet is at fault, the troublemaker is probably the motor. 

The third and fourth steps in this guide would’ve already gotten you to the motor by now. Check if the motor is jammed. The video cited above also includes this step. You must verify if the motor is indeed jammed or clogged due to some blockage that you can remove.

Vacuum cleaner motors can malfunction. If your Eureka PowerSpeed motor has manufacturing defects, you can avail of the 2-year limited warranty to get it replaced. Any damage caused during your use or for no fault of the company will probably be beyond the limited warranty. 

How To Fix

Follow the troubleshooting steps in the third and fourth points of this guide. You’ll get to the motor with all the wires connected and sound padding around it. 

Follow these steps for further inspection:

  • Remove the wires by pulling them out gently with the harnesses. 
  • Remove the sound pad to get a clear view of the entire motor.
  • Check for visible signs of physical damage. 
  • Look into the fan chamber to check for an evident problem. 

You may take apart the fan cover to look inside. The fan covers usually aren’t made to be removable, so you’ll need to put in some effort. You can get a screwdriver or other tools to force open the fan cover. 

A malfunctioning fan will cause motor problems. However, if it’s an inseparable part of the motor, you may have to replace the whole part. If you see signs of damage inside the fan chamber, unfortunately, there’s little you can do about it. You need a new motor. 

Vacuum cleaners can have motors whose fans are removable or replaceable. Check if your Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner model has such a feature. Then, you may have a relatively less expensive remedy at hand. 

Do keep in mind, however, that you may not find a replacement motor that easily. Since Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaners are inexpensive, such series or models are generally disposable. 

Instead, you might try consulting a local technician to find out if your Eureka PowerSpeed motor is repairable or if a suitable replacement motor is available. Alternatively, you may consider buying a new vacuum cleaner. 


Always start with the basic inspections to ensure nothing is amiss when your Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner won’t turn on. Lack of power, loose plug, damaged cord, and other connection issues are often the simple problem. 

Switches on or in affordable vacuum cleaners like the Eureka PowerSpeed models are not as sturdy as those in the premium or industrial designs. However, such switches are not expensive, and you can readily replace them with a bit of elbow grease. 

A damaged motor is a different story. Consult a local technician to consider possible motor repair or replacement.

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