How Does a Central Vacuum System Work?

If you are sick and tired of lugging around a vacuum cleaner to each and every room of your house a central vacuum system could be just what you need.

While a central vacuum system may sound like something that is only for the super rich or something that will not be as practical as a standard vacuum, a central vacuum system can make keeping your house clean much easier and today I want to share with you how it works.

The Central Power Unit Is Where The Magic Happens

using central vacuum system

Just the name central power unit sounds really cool, but being serious, this is what is going to run your homes vacuuming from now on.

When you decide to go for a central vacuum system, the central power unit will be what powers the vacuum and also where all of the dirt, pet hair and anything the kids leave on the floor ends up. Usually, whoever is installing your system will place it in the basement, garage or some other out of the way place that is central.

You Still Need To Use A Vacuum

Sadly we do not live in a world where there are robot servants to vacuum for us so you will have to still vacuum.

A central vacuum system will come with a hose that you use to vacuum up the dirt and debris that is then sent to the central power unit. What is cool about this is that most systems will give you a whole bunch of accessories to use with the hose.

You will, of course, get your standard vacuum head, but upholstery tools, crevice tools, pet brushes and much more are available.

Even if the central vacuum system that you buy does not come with accessories included these are surprisingly cheap to buy and will help you keep your house cleaner than it ever has been before.

You can even get electric powered accessories which can come in handy for thicker carpets and more awkward spots. No matter what kind of vacuum head you use one thing that is common with the best central vacuum systems is that the hose is designed to be as lightweight as possible.

How Does The Dirt Get To The Central Power Unit?

The way that it works is actually pretty clever and simple, well simple for the guy who is installing it. A central vacuum system works with pipes and inlets.

The pipes are located behind the walls and they will run to the central power unit. This is good as it means that you never have to actually see any of the dirt. It goes straight from the floors to the central power unit.

What Is An Automatic Dustpan?

cleaning with automatic dustpan

When you are planning your central vacuum system you may be asked if you want to put an automatic dustpan in some rooms. Most of the time these are used in the kitchen or an area with some kind of hard floor.

The idea here is that you sweep up the mess, sweep it over to the automatic dustpan and it sucks it straight down to the central power unit. Not every central vacuum system will have one of these, but it can be something worth considering.

Where To Put Your Wall Inlets

You clearly do not just want pipes sticking out of the walls! If you have kids you can only imagine the kinds of things that they would stick down them! Your installation professional will advise you on where your wall inlets should go.

The general rule is one per 600 square feet, but it all depends on the layout of your house. Some like to have one in every room and hallway and for other people, this is not necessary. One of the things that is pretty neat about the wall inlets is that these tend to be pretty unassuming and are covered so you do not have a gaping hole in your wall.

It is worth asking about color as you can get wall inlets in different colors if you are worried about them sticking out like a sore thumb in certain rooms.

The Pros Of A Central Vacuum System

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Here are just a few of the pros of a central vacuum system.

They Are Powerful

While it will vary from system to system, typically the power you get from a central vacuum system is far greater than a standard vacuum cleaner.

No Power Cord

Dealing with a power cord trailing behind you is a pain. You do not have to worry about that or where there is a power outlet like you do with a standard vacuum cleaner.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Thanks to the central power unit all that dirt and mess you pick up is kept safely out of the way. This means you are not breathing in any yucky dust or debris.

It Takes Ages To Fill Up

Again this will differ from system to system, but you are usually looking at emptying the canister or changing the bag (depending on your system) at the most every three months.

Adds Value To Your Home

It can cost around a thousand bucks to install a central vacuum system. However, while this is a lot of money, it will add far more than that to the overall value of your home. So if you come to sell your home you will more than make that money back.

Final Word

The way a central vacuum system works is actually very simple. The power it has is fantastic and you will be amazed at how much easier it makes your life. You do not have to worry about dragging the vacuum around and if you pick up some accessories you will find that there is not a surface in your home that you cannot keep clean.

Also the fact you only have to worry about emptying the central power unit a handful of times each year. It may not be cheap, but you will never hear a person who has paid for a central vacuum system say they regret it. Actually many people once they have lived in a home with one find that there is no going back.

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