How to Clean Battery Terminals on Toys: A Step by Step Guide

Why exactly does battery corrosion happen in toys?

First, batteries contain an acid which is corrosive in nature and can be quite destructive to the metallic terminals of toys and other electronic devices, such as television remotes.

Second, the acids contained in these batteries, which make them transmit current in the first place, are susceptible to leaking. This mostly happens in cases where toys have not been used for some time or batteries have not been changed in a long time.

How to Clean Battery Terminals on Toys

Why do Batteries Leak?

The main reason for these leakages is the simple fact that batteries discharge. There is a bit of science to this phenomenon, and it is important that you understand how it takes place. Left over time, the chemistry of the batteries undergo some changes and hydrogen gas is produced. As the battery continues to produce hydrogen, the gas finds it difficult to escape given the fact that batteries are air-tight.

This causes swelling from within thus exerting enormous pressure on the battery casing. This pressure ruptures the insulating casing at the ends or the external metal canister and creates an escape route not just for the gas but also the acidic content of the battery. It is this leaking acidic content that causes corrosion of the terminals.

How to Clean Battery Terminals on Toys

When either the external metal canister or insulating casing has been ruptured, the acid begins to leak out into the toy compartments meant to hold the batteries. If not stopped in time, the acid can corrode the terminals thereby preventing power transmission from the battery to other electronic sections of the toy. If you want the toy to be functional again, you need to cautiously remove the corrosion.

However, be careful as you do this because the acid is pretty dangerous, and can be harmful to anything on its path including you. Precautionary measures must be taken while removing this corrosion since any contact with the acid will mean damage to your skin. Removing this erosion is simple and safe to do if you are cautious.

Like most DIY jobs, cleaning the battery terminals on toys requires a step-by-step guide, and also some specific materials and equipment.


The recommended steps on how to clean battery terminals on toys:

I hope that this article has been helpful, and you now know how to clean battery terminals on toys. If there is anything I have missed or you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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