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How To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

They say that a person who has never loved a dog has part of their soul still asleep, but they don’t tell you that a person who has loved a dog and still owns one, has a car full of dog hair to remove.

Yes, they are our best friends but removing dog hair from a car can seriously be a handful. There are multiple ways on how to get dog hair out of a car, each equally efficient.

Air Purifier

An air purifier in your home is an essential item in the battle against pet hair and dander, and you can now get air purifiers for your car. They won’t be much good at removing the hair that is already on the seats, but they will make a big difference to the hair and dander in the air.


Perhaps the most common way would be to use plain rubber gloves.

The first step is to put the gloves on and get your hands wet. Then, gently rub the seats (or any other part of your car) in one direction. Clumps of hair should form, making them easy to pick up.

Another way to go about this is to spray some water on the surface you want to clean first, and then repeat the aforementioned hand motions.

You should immediately vacuum the dog hair you got out of the carpet, so it doesn’t cause similar issues to the one you just solved.

Instead of using gloves, you can also do this with a relatively damp sponge or washcloth.

Static electricity

An interesting and innovative answer on how to get dog hair out of your car would be to use a balloon.

Balloons are best known for their static electricity which attracts hair. Inflate the balloon, and gently rub it over the desired area you’d like to clean.

The most fun of this cleaning method is, perhaps, watching the static electricity at work. Once the balloon is covered in hair, you can just inflate another one and start over, and so on, until everything’s clean.

Reusing one balloon is also possible, but not recommended, because the hair is hard to remove when attached to it.


using tape in car

You’ve maybe heard of this method and probably wondered how to get rid of dog hair using tape. First of all, any tape will suffice, but it would be great if you had some duct tape handy, since it is the strongest. The method is fairly simple and pretty fun.

All you have to do is roll the tape around your hand so the sticky part faces the surroundings, and then just press your hand to the doggy-hair infected area, followed by ripping your hand free.

Another way you could use tape is by repeating everything just said but instead of wrapping your hand in it, you can spread the tape between your hands. Kind of like waxing. The first way is more convenient, though.

Fabric softener

Similar to the wet gloves method comes the fabric softener one. As we all know from doing our washing, fabric softener consists of ingredients that loosen hair up. That virtue comes in handy with the situation at hand.

You’d think that grabbing a bottle of softener and pouring it in your car would do the trick, but instead of doing that, try mixing a few spoons of it with water and putting the formula in a spray bottle, then spraying the desired areas, so as to distribute the softener evenly.

Then simply pick up clumps with your hands and vacuum them or throw them away. You can also use a fabric softener sheet that goes in the dryer, and just wipe away the pesky dog hair.

Velcro curlers

using velcro curlers in car

If you have old Velcro curlers lying around the house, now is the time to use them. These resemble lint brushes, but unlike them, can be used multiple times because they don’t contain any adhesives.

Take a curler and brush the carpet of your car softly. Hair should collect on it, similar to how your hair sticks to your brush when you brush it. Using curlers that have a metal inner form helps you reach small areas because they can be bent at corners.

After a fair amount accumulates, remove it with your hand and continue brushing. Having a vacuum handy here as well wouldn’t be a bad idea since it’s a secure way of getting rid of the hair for good.

Rubber soles

For those tired of using their hands, here’s a method that involves your feet; rubber soles are a very effective way of getting rid of any excessive dog hair. This might be the easiest solution on how to get rid of dog hair out of your car because all you have to do is wear your shoes and drag them along the surface.

You can use whichever shoes have a rubber sole, but whatever you choose, make sure they’re not dirty; otherwise, you’ll have another mess to clean! Alternatively, you could use your hands to glide the shoe along the carpet.

Rubber Broom

using rubber broom for car

As we’ve come to notice, rubber is an excellent way of getting rid of hair. No wonder the next means to our goal is a rubber broom. Same as the balloons and rubber soles, it works on the principle of static electricity.

This particular item is most useful for eliminating the stubborn hairs that seem to stick no matter what you do. Teaching you how to use a broom is unnecessary, but don’t be afraid to get rough.


You’ve heard of the phrase “better safe than sorry”; well it applies to this situation as well. Prevention is the surefire way to keep your car clean of dog hair, and there are a few ways it can be achieved. First, you can brush your pup regularly, so it doesn’t shed as much or at all.

Then, you could transport your pet in a crate, and finally, you can ban it from the car entirely (but those are desperate measures). In any case, just be mindful of your dog’s behavior when it comes to its fur.


In conclusion, how to remove dog hair from the car is an easy question to answer since you can use everyday items and still receive great results. Hopefully, dog hair will never be a problem ever again!

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