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Shark Genius Steam Mop Review

The people at Shark have been making people happy for a while now thanks to their more wallet-friendly take on what Dyson has been doing. As well as high-powered vacuum cleaners, Shark also has some fantastic steam mops on the market. The one I am taking a closer look at today is the Shark Genius Steam Mop which is one of the lower-priced ones that they offer.

Looks Like A Stick Vacuum

One of the things that I have noticed with the Shark vacuums I have tested and also looked at online is that their stick vacuums have a similar design. In my opinion, the Shark Genius Steam Mop has a very stick vacuum look to it and the way you hold it and move it around is just the same as if you were using one of their stick vacuums.

One of the first things I noticed in the photos was that the handle is nice and large and also the power button is right there. Shark seems to have made this as easy to use as possible and that is great.

What Is This For?

That is the question many people ask when they see a steam mop, but I can tell you once you have used one of these, be it this one or a different model. There is no going back the old mop bucket and mop that you bought in the 99c store!

I think if you have dogs that like to walk mud in the house, cats that like to spray and kids who seem to think that the kitchen or dining room floor is hungry and need some of their food and drinks that a steam mop is a great addition to your home cleaning arsenal.

Not only does this clean any messes that are on the floor. The Shark Genius Steam Mop also gets rid of bacteria. Shark actually say that this gets rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria that is on your floor. This is great, especially if you have pets and kids as the last thing you want are the kids getting sick from any mess that the dogs leave on the floor.

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Is It Easy To Use?

Mopping sucks! Seriously it is about as much fun as a toothache. Thankfully, Shark has made the Shark Genius Steam Mop as easy to use as possible.

It is very easy to get up and running and the mop pads are designed so that you do not actually have to touch them when it is time to change them over. This is a truly great feature and also Shark gives you two mop pads with this and they can be washed so you can use one while the other is being cleaned.

You fill the water reservoir, select the level of steam that you want. For me, I would probably just whack it on the highest setting and leave it there, to be honest with you!

Once the steam starts flowing you use this like you would a regular mop. The head of the mop can actually swivel so you are not restricted to just going forward and backward. The weight of this is said to be pretty light too so in all it is very easy and comfortable to use.

This YouTube video gives an excellent demonstration of the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop and its features:

The only thing I have heard people say is that the water reservoir gets used up pretty quickly.

I would suggest that if you have a couple of rooms that you plan on mopping that you refill it before you tackle each room. I have not actually heard of anyone running out of water when just doing one room. I know it may be a little annoying, but filling the water reservoir could not be any easier.

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Two Ways To Clean

One of the things that really took me by surprise about the Shark Genius Steam Mop was that it actually offers two ways to clean. First of all, I thought that you would turn it on, start mopping and that is that. You can do this and it will work very well as the steam is pushed to the bottom of the mop and it will make mopping so much easier.

However, you can actually flip the head and then you can make it so that it actually sprays steam out of the head in front of the mop. This is very handy for a very tough spill. For example, if there has been a soda spill that one of the kids did not tell you about and you discovered it three hours later! Or if there is some mud that feels like it is welded on. Being able to blast an area like this with steam and then mop it will make it much easier and also help get rid of any nasty bacteria.

The fact that this offers you two ways to mop is very impressive. Which considering it is not the most expensive steam mop that Shark do is awesome. I would have actually said that this was a good steam mop even if it only allowed you to mop with the steam coming through the pad and not shooting it in front of the mop. By the way, when I say shoot, I do not mean that it shoots the steam out ten feet! It comes out just in front and hits the mess that is right in front of it.

Final Thoughts On The Shark Genius Steam Mop

When I started looking into this I was very interested to see what people thought. I have used Shark vacuums in the past and always been impressed with the quality so I was excited to see how good their steam mops were. Thankfully I have not really read anything negative about them. In my research, the only issue people have is that the water reservoir could be bigger. Just make sure you refill before you tackle a new room and you will be fine.

I think that the Shark Genius Steam Mop would be a great purchase for anyone with any kind of floor that needs that extra bit of elbow grease to clean. Only the Shark Genius Steam Mop makes it so you do not need to use any elbow grease as it makes it so easy for you.

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