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A Simple Guide on How to get Rid of Pet Dander in your Home

Pet ownership comes with a lot of obvious perks that you wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world; few things can compare to the warmth and happiness our furry friends can make us feel.

However, as you well know, there is another side to that coin and we are often left to clean up after the chaos they cause.

Dander is without a doubt one of the biggest problems for households with pets, and getting rid of it often feels like a steep uphill battle that can hardly be won.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pet dander in your home, I urge you to consider the following ideas to tip the scales in your favor.

Regular Baths are in Order

As much as we love our pets, most of us don’t bathe them very often for the very simple reason that it often ends up being a messy, tiring, and frustrating task for both parties. When the owner and the pet hate something in equal measure, they both have good cause to avoid it.

However, according to certain studies, it’s possible to reduce the level of allergens found in animal fur by as much as 84% with regular weekly bathing. In other words, most of the dander can already be eliminated through better hygienic practices. If that sounds like a bit too much for your busy schedule, you should try to fit a bathing session in at least every two weeks.

When it becomes a question of what you should use to bathe your pet, you may want to consider researching some anti-dander shampoo brands and figure out which one would be best for your case. Alternatively, baby shampoo is also a very effective anti-dander solution.

Invest in a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

If you have carpet in your home, there will inevitably be large amounts of pet dander stuck in the fibers. Even with regular vacuuming, if your vacuum cleaner is not up to the job then it will not be removing the dander effectively.

Even worse, some vacuum cleaners just agitate the dander and make it airborne, which in turn allows it to land on other surfaces in your home.

To control the pet dander in your carpets and other flooring types you need a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for pet hair and dander. This means it will be a sealed vacuum system with a HEPA filter so that there is no chance of the pet hair and dander escaping back into your room.

The Power of a HEPA Air Purifier for Pets

In an ideal world, you would be able to thoroughly clean every surface in your house to make it a complete pet dander-free environment… but let’s face it, that’s just not a feasible approach to things.

Hepa Filter For Vacuums

 A HEPA air purifier can be of tremendous help in that regard as it constantly pulls in hair and dander from the air as well as multiple surfaces in the room, caging it all in its filter.

See the best air purifiers for eliminating pet dander and odors here.

Depending on the size of your house and the number of pets you own you may need to get more than one purifier.

Ultimately, it will all be worth it as it will drastically cut down the amount of time you’ll have to spend on cleaning drapes, furnishings, and such. As the name indicates, it also purifies the air which in this case is just a big bonus.

A Convenient Spray

Finally, I’d like to add that there are special sprays designed to kill off dander and they are invaluable when you just don’t have time to properly bathe your pets. There are plenty of organic brands that don’t use chemicals, but rather natural enzymes to get the job done so that there is no risk to the animal whatsoever.

Also, if you plan on receiving someone with pet allergies the spray would be a quick and easy way of making your home a suitable environment for them.

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