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Can You Store Your Candles in the Garage?

If you find your house is cluttered with candles you are no longer using – or special candles you want to keep hidden away until Christmas – you will be looking for a safe place to put them. Your first instinct may be to put them away in a box or shelf in your garage, but is this a good idea?

You should not store candles in the garage, as garages can become warm or moist, which would damage your candles. Instead, find a dry space in your home, away from direct sunlight and keep the candles at room-temperature. They will stay in good condition when not in use.

In this article, we will discuss why the garage is a bad place to keep your candles and the reasons why in more detail. Then, we will look at some better places to keep your candles in good condition when not in use.

What You Have To Consider When Storing Candles

When you are looking for a place to store your candles, there are three things you need to consider:

  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Direct sunlight

This means that when storing the candles, they need to avoid extremes of heat and moisture or locations which are not shaded from the sun (source). We will now go into why this is important for each factor.

How Heat Affects Candles

Wax in candles will melt at 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.22 degrees Celsius), which means that you should keep it out of locations that will attain too high a temperature. Your garage is unlikely to have air conditioning, so it is susceptible to high summer temperatures (source).

Note that other types of wax will melt at different temperatures and often at a lower temperature in the case of candles made of organic material.

You should keep this in mind when considering any location for storing your candles, particularly if there may be high ambient temperatures or direct sunlight.

How Moisture Affects Candles

If moisture gets into candles, it may not affect the wax, but it can damage the wicks as they are usually made out of natural materials or fibers. This will also happen if you freeze your candles or put them in a place in your bathroom that’s prone to leaks.

How Direct Sunlight Affects Candles

Direct sunlight also has an undesirable effect on candles. If they are left in direct sunlight, the exposure can dull the colors and aromas in your candles, causing them to age much faster. With prolonged exposure, the light can also bleach the wax in the candle.

How This Can Affect Candles in Your Garage

Heat and moisture are more likely to affect candles stored in your garage. Garages are not usually climate-controlled like other areas in the home and are more likely to overheat or freeze.

Therefore, your candles can melt or warp and lose their shape entirely if the temperature is exceptionally high for a long time. The exception to this is candles that are stored in glass jars, as even if they melt, the glass will retain the candle’s shape.

Equally, the wick can absorb moisture and become damaged, which may prevent it from lighting.

Garages are usually safe from direct sunlight unless you have a window in yours. Still, sunlight hitting a metal garage door can raise the temperature pretty quickly.

With this in mind, there are a few locations that are more suitable to store your candles.

How To Store Candles in the Home

The main recommendation is to look for a dry location, ideally on or very close to room temperature, to store your candles. Luckily, there are many places in the home suitable for this.

Think about a shelf or cupboard where you may have space or a spare room which stays at room temperature. Avoid using your bathroom or kitchen, as these areas will have slightly higher humidity.

Basements may also be a good place to put your candles, but this depends on the conditions in your basement. Check to make sure the climate is suitable.

If you have space under your bed, this is also a good location due to the dark, dry environment.

Use an Airtight Storage Container 

If possible, it would be best to store your candles in a plastic or metal storage box to keep the color and fragrance of your candles intact. Avoid using a cardboard box as this is a fire risk (source).

A container that’s airtight and not translucent will prevent candle aromas from escaping and light from getting in. It will also stop your candles from getting dusty.

The container should also have a suitable shape for storing candles, allowing you to lay them flat and layer them if necessary. This will also prevent the candles from being misshapen.

Make Sure You Store Different Types of Candles Correctly

Scented or aromatherapy candles shouldn’t be stored for over four months without use as their odor will gradually fade over time. If it is possible, keep them in a completely sealed bag. Storing candles in a refrigerator will reduce the loss of odor, but ensure they are completely sealed to prevent their aromas from mixing with food smells.

Pillar candles should be stored flat, stacked on top of each other. Taper candles are a little trickier due to their shape and how easy it is for them to get damaged. You should wrap these candles in tissue paper or bubble wrap between each layer of candles.

Final Thoughts

Having candles lying around in your home can be annoying, but don’t just collect all your candles and throw them in the garage. The garage is not an ideal place to keep your candles as the humidity and temperature fluctuation can damage or melt them.

When looking for a place to store your candles, identify a place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and with no humidity. A cupboard, shelf, or space under the bed is ideal. A sealed, plastic, or metal container is also great for keeping candles fresh.

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