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Cleaning Up Vomit – How To Get It Out Of Your Carpet

There is nothing worse than vomit on the carpet! I have two kids and two dogs so my carpets have had more than their fair share of vomit on them over the years.

From the kids being poorly to the dogs eating something that they shouldn’t! The smell of vomit is the absolute worst, but the thing about vomit is that it can seep really deep into your carpet and can be really hard to clean.

Well, today I have for you an easy way to clean vomit from a carpet. I am sharing with you how you can clean three different stages of vomit. Hey, it is a horrible job and gross to talk about, but you will be glad you have this knowledge when the day comes.

How To Clean Vomit From A Carpet That Is “Fresh”

How To Remove Vomiting Stain

Your dog walks into the living room and barfs all over the floor, or one of the kids is off school sick and cannot make it to the bathroom! No matter what the reason is, you are at ground zero when it happens and you thankfully have the ability to act fast!

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What You Need:

  • Cleaning gloves (optional, but I sure as heck wear them)
  • A garbage bag
  • A large spoon
  • checkA spray bottle
  • checkDistilled white vinegar (or you can use hydrogen peroxide, but I prefer the vinegar)
  • checkOld dishcloths/towels

How to Remove Vomit From Carpet Using Vinegar:

  1. Open up the garbage bag and start scooping up the vomit with your spoon and put it straight in the trash. Having the bag open before you start saves you having to awkwardly do it with one hand while you are holding a spoon full of vomit. Once you have scooped up as much as you can, tie that bag as tightly as possible.
  2. Put some of your white vinegar in the spray bottle and mix it with water, like I said you can use hydrogen peroxide if you prefer, but I think white vinegar gets the job done fine. Spray the whole area where the vomit was, I usually spray a little further out as well just to be safe.
  3. Once the carpet is really damp, use your old towels/dishcloths to blot dry the area, do not scrub! As that will rub any vomit that is left deeper into the carpet fibers. Once a towel/dishcloth is really wet, use a different one.
  4. Once it is dry and you are sure you have gotten all the vomit off the carpet, you can now get the vacuum out and give it a proper cleaning. Use baking soda, Shake n Vac or whatever if you want to make it smell fresh.

How To Clean Dry Vomit Out Of The Carpet

Ugh, this is the worst. I was sitting for a few days, sure I could smell vomit, but my partner and the kids said they did not. Well, one day, I had enough, moved the sofa, and right next to the door was a small pile of dry vomit one of the dogs had left a few days earlier! Thankfully, this is not as brutal as you would think and actually is very similar to the first method.

What You Need:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • A garbage bag
  • A large spoon
  • checkA spray bottle
  • checkDistilled white vinegar (or you can use hydrogen peroxide, but I prefer the vinegar)
  • checkOld dishcloths/towels

How to Remove Vomit From Carpet Using Vinegar:

Cleaning Vomit From Carpet

  1. Using your spray bottle filled with vinegar, give the affected area a real good blasting, it is best to blast the area slightly around it too as I may be crazy, but I am sure “invisible” vomit is a thing…. Well, my mind thinks it is, better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Once the vomit is all wet with your solution, then get the spoon and start to carefully lift it off and put it into the garbage bag, you should have already opened.
  3. Once again, once the vomit is all removed, use your old towels/dish clothes to blot dry the area.
  4. As the vomit has been on the carpet for a little while, you may want to give it a really good deep clean with your vacuum and some kind of carpet cleaning product to get rid of any lingering smells.

How To Clean Vomit You Cannot Get To Right Away

If someone has been sick, but you cannot clean it right away, there is still something that you can do in order to make sure the vomit does not harden and start stinking up your room too bad before you get a chance to clean it.

What You Need:

  • Baking soda
  • An old towel
  • Your vacuum cleaner/dustpan and brush
  • checkAll the of stuff from our first method

How to Remove Vomit From Carpet Using Baking Soda:

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  1. Cover the vomit covered carpet with a generous sprinkling of baking soda.
  2. Place the towel over the baking soda for as long as you are away from the area. A good idea is to also close the door and make sure no pets or kids are in the room as they will no doubt feel the need to interfere with it!
  3. When you are able to go back to the stain and clean it, first put that towel straight in the laundry. Use your vacuum to get up all of the baking soda, if you are worried about vomit being in your vacuum cleaner, you can use a dustpan and brush. I will be honest, I always use a dustpan and brush as I hate the thought of vomit being in the vacuum.
  4. You can now do the process from method one to get rid of the rest of the vomit that is on the carpet.

Cleaning vomit is not a pleasant thing to do at all, but with a family and pets, I would bet it is something you are going to have to do multiple times in your life. If you can act fast that is great and you can get it up without a whole lot of fuss. The trouble comes when it is has sat there for a while, but as you can see even that is not impossible.

The one last piece of advice that I want to give you is to never and I mean never, rub the vomit into the carpet with a towel, baby wipes or anything like that, you are just making the problem worse for yourself!

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