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How To Get Motivated To Clean When You Feel Overwhelmed By Mess

Like most of you reading this, cleaning the house is not exactly my idea of a good time. However, it is a necessity, with a dog that seems to shed every five minutes, kids who would rather shove a piece of toast down the side of the sofa than walk to the garbage can, and another half who seems to sprinkle crumbs all over the house!

I wanted to share a few tips with you to help you roll up your sleeves and do battle with the mess in your house.

Listen To Music

Headphones Cleaning

I am not talking about putting the stereo on here. But plugging some headphones into your phone, iPod or whatever and just going to town on your head.

I actually find that vacuuming while listening to music is a bit of a stress reliever and it makes the job far more pleasant. You will be vacuuming or mopping with a spring in your step with the right soundtrack.

One Room At A Time

One of the mistakes that I would always make was to do a little cleaning here and a little cleaning there, no room would ever actually get cleaned and it made the whole thing very stressful.

Now though, I will tackle the living room, then the bathroom, the bedroom, and try to build up the courage to take on the kid’s bedroom.

By focusing on one room at a time, you can actually see that room become clean (even if for only a short while) and it does give you a bit more motivation to keep ongoing.

I am not saying you should do the whole house every day, but a room one day then another the next is a great way to keep you getting overwhelmed.

Get The Family To Help

Cleaning with Family

I think part of what makes cleaning so stressful and overwhelming is when you have to do it all yourself. Get the family to chip in… trust me I know this is easier said than done. But start with small steps.

For example, my eldest daughter it is her responsibility to keep her garbage can in her bin empty and to bring any dirty dishes down to the kitchen (something that really she should not need coaching to do!) my husband is now responsible for making sure all the shoes are not left at the front door and my youngest is happy (for the time being) to chip in and do whatever I ask.

Doing this will prevent the house from getting too dirty and making you overwhelmed.

Have Something Fun As A Treat For After

Even something as simple as watching the next episode of Game Of Thrones! Having something that you plan on doing after the cleaning is done is a great way to really help motivate yourself to dig in and get that cleaning done!

It will also make you work more efficiently and quickly so that you can get to your reward. One great way to reward yourself is a big bit of cake or a glass of wine!

Get A New Vacuum!

The thought of spending money on something to clean the house may not exactly be exciting. However, I found that part of the reason I hated vacuuming was that our vacuum (which felt like it was from the ’80s) took Incredible Hulk-like strength to move around the house. 

So we got a new one, one of those fancy cordless vacuums that can pick up pretty much anything that got in its way.

Not only that, it can be taken apart so you can do the sofa, under the sofa and all the other areas the kids leave a mess! A new modern vacuum will make it so much easier and quicker for you that you will no longer feel dread when it is time to vacuum!

Have The Right Cleaning Products

This is kind of like what we were just talking about with the new vacuum. Making sure you have the right cleaning products can make a huge difference to your hose cleaning. Do not just buy the cheapest stuff you can get.

Do a little research and look at the products that are going to make cleaning places like the bathroom and the kitchen much easier and quicker for you.

Spending as little time cleaning as possible, but making sure it gets done right is what we all want to do, the right cleaning products are the way you make this happen. Also in a kind of weird way, testing new stuff out makes cleaning the house that extra bit fun as well.

Do Not Over Clean

I already said how I do one room at a time, but in addition to this, I make sure never to spend a whole day or even half a day cleaning.

Who actually wants to do that? It makes cleaning an even bigger chore than it needs to be and if you leave all the cleaning to just one day of the week it is very easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

If you set aside just a spare 20 minutes here and there, you will find that it is much easier to stay on top of the cleaning and that you do not build up a huge resentment towards it either.

Clean As You Go

Dishes Cleaning as you go

If you are walking through the kitchen and there is a couple of bowls out on the side, put them away there and then.

If the kids after being told 3768 times have left their school shoes on the porch, put them away (once you have finished swearing under your breath of course) just little things like this as you go do wonders to prevent the whole house from becoming a mess.

While cleaning one room at a time is the way to really blitz a room, cleaning as you go can prevent a room from becoming a huge mess, to begin with.

These are just a few ways that you cannot only make sure that your house is nice and clean. You can also make sure that you are not getting stressed out at the thought of having to vacuum the floors, clean the kitchen, or brave the war zone that is the kid’s bedrooms!


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