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Best Vacuum Cleaner For Berber Carpet: 3 Top Picks

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If you own a Berber carpet, you will know that it’s comfy, durable and easy on the eye.

Because of the unique way they are made, Berber carpets also need a unique way of cleaning them.

You might be wondering, can I use any vacuum cleaner on my Berber carpet?

The answer is no. A heavy vacuum cleaner or a vacuum with a motorized beater bar that can’t be switched of will ruin your Berber carpet. The delicate loops will get crushed, and the damage will be irreparable.

It gets worse…

When the loops in a Berber carpet get flattened, you may think that they are just dirty. This will result in harsher cleaning and even more damage.

The good news is, there are vacuum cleaners that are perfect for Berber carpets.

Read on as I show you which vacuum models make my top 3.

3 Best Vacuums For Berber Carpet

1. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction

My partner thought that getting a Berber carpet for the living room and hallway was a great idea, it looks great, but keeping it clean is a bit of a pain in the rear end.

That is why for Christmas I wanted Santa to bring me what is classed as the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet and in the research, Santa was doing for me, he said that this Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction canister vacuum would be great.

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In all seriousness, this really is one of the best vacuum cleaners for carpet that can be a bit more stubborn, like a Berber one.

Once I opened up the box, there was very little assembly required. If you have ever bought a vacuum before, you know what to expect here so do not worry about that.

Of course, as soon as it was set up I wanted to test it and with two kids, you can guess that there was a nice amount of “mess” in the living room for me to test it with. Our carpet is not the thickest, so I found that the fourth setting worked best for our Berber carpet.

However, for the carpets that we have upstairs, I cranked it all the way up to max and I will be honest and tell you that it made vacuuming the kid’s bedrooms so much quicker and easier.

Speaking of easy, I know that from the photos, the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum looks like it weighs a ton, but it is not actually very heavy at all and I found that the power cable was more than long enough for the rooms that I was vacuuming.

Some people have said the cable could have been a little longer, but I think it is fine.

While the main floors were what I wanted this for, three accessories are included and I will use these more than I thought.

There is a dusting brush, upholstery tool and what they call, a “crevice nozzle”. This thing is awesome and makes getting under the couch, kids beds or anything else so much easier.

The canister/bag or whatever you want to call it which all the dust, mess and other junk that it picks up goes into is actually quite large.

So you will not have to empty this as much as you would think which for me is a very nice bonus.

When you do need to empty it, it is very easy and this vacuum does actually have an Air Cleaned Sealed System which stops you from getting a face full of dust which as we all know is annoying and most of the time results in a lot of foul languages!

So yes, I know that I said that our Berber carpet was the main inspiration for purchasing a vacuum like this. However, the fact of the matter is that no matter if I am using this to do the hardwood floor in the upstairs hall or the kid’s thick and yucky carpet, it handled it like a champ.

I have no trouble suggesting this at all if you are like I was and in the market for the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet as after that first vacuum, you will know why this is so highly regarded.

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is said to be one of the best vacuums when it comes to Berber carpet.

As we have had a Berber carpet (a couple of them actually) in the house.

We wanted a vacuum that could actually get in there and get all the crumbs and dirt that the kids leave lying around.

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Of course, I read about the “power” that this vacuum has, but what really caught my eye with this vacuum was how versatile it was. It kind of looks like an old-school kind of vacuum, but instead of allowing you to just go forward and back.

You can actually swivel, which is great if you need to get around furniture, get into corners and if you have any odd shaped rooms. For example, our eldest daughters room has stuff all over the floor and this made getting around it very easy.

I gave the Shark Navigator a really good workout with our Berber carpet that we have in the study, it is an older carpet so let’s just say it has seen its fair share of spillage and mess.

I cranked the power pretty high and was impressed at how quickly this cleaned the room up. Also once I was finished in here, I just went straight into the hallway and cleaned in there, we have a thicker more normal kind of carpet in there and the vacuum made short work of that too.

Not only was this picking up all kinds of dirt and mess, but it was also making vacuuming a much quicker and easier job. Now I said before it was how versatile the vacuum was that caught my eye.

Well, I have not told you the best part yet, you can actually pull the canister away and then vacuum higher up areas, the couch, under the couch or anywhere that the regular vacuum cannot reach. I had a lot of fun with this and it made me vacuum areas of the house that I usually “forgot” before.

It does come with various attachments like a pet hair power brush, crevice tool and so on to make sure every part of your house can be cleaned.

The Shark Navigator also has a beater bar/brush which is bad news for a Berber carpet, but thankfully this can be turned off with the flick of a switch. This works just as well as a vacuum without a beater bar.

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While I am not a tech-savvy person, I did notice that this kicks up and spits out next to no dust. The reason for this is because of the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which along with the HEPA filter working so that what goes into the dust compartment, stays inside there.

You can clearly see the dust inside the vacuum, which I know some people do not like, but it does make it very easy for you to know when it is time to empty it.

The canister is actually a very good size (even though it is rather light) so you will be able to use this for quite a while before you have to take it outside and empty it into the trash.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for a Berber carpet, you simply have to put this on the shortlist.

It does everything you want it to do and best of all it costs a fraction of the price of some of the other big-name vacuum brands such as Dyson.

3. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free

In our house, we actually have two different Berber carpets as I have always loved the look.

Of course, no one tells you when you buy one that keeping one of these clean is way more awkward than a regular old carpet!

That was what led me on a search for the best vacuum cleaner for a Berber carpet and as I have had a couple of Dyson vacuum cleaners before, it was a Dyson I really wanted and the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free was what I decided to get.

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Once it arrived, I could not believe how light this was and it was so light I was worried that I was missing a part. Anyway, I set it all up, gave it a full charge, by the way, Dyson themselves say that the first charge needs to be a full four-hour charge so make sure you do that.

Once charged, I took it into the living room so it could go face to face with our largest Berber carpet. Dyson says that this is the most powerful of the cord-free vacuums and I will admit that I was impressed with how powerful it was.

For the first use, I had the full extender so I could vacuum standing up. It picked up all the mess that the kids and dogs like to leave and it did it very quickly.

You get about 45 minutes of vacuum time with this and as it had a full charge, I wanted to play with it a little more. You can actually take the extender off so that you can use the vacuum for cleaning things like a couch or even if you need to get on your hands and knees and get in a really awkward spot.

Speaking of awkward spots, we have these very nice curtains and this is so light that you can attach the full extender and then vacuum as high as the roof! I found this very impressive and every room I used this in, I gave a proper thorough cleaning, something I was never in a million years able to do with my old vacuum.

I have never used a vacuum that gets in as deep as this does and I think that is why many people say it is the vacuum cleaner for a Berber carpet. While this is one very powerful vacuum and it makes vacuuming much quicker and easier than ever before. Everything about this vacuum is easy.

For example, the charger can be attached to a wall (we put ours in the kitchen) it takes up next to no space at all.

Also when it comes to emptying the vacuum, I have never used one that is as easy as this. You literally hold it over the garbage, press the button and it opens and the mess falls out.

There are many different Dyson vacuums on the market right now and knowing which one is the best is really hard.

For me though, getting that dust and mess out of our Berber carpets was what I really, really wanted and this does that so easy it is just awesome.

Not only that, every other carpet and surface in the house, I have used this on and it has worked wonders there too. Actually, if you are looking for a vacuum to keep the whole house clean, you will struggle to beat this.

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