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How to Clean Wood Blinds: A Definitive Guide on Keeping Your Blinds Clean

Wood blinds offer a warm and exquisite feel to any decor due to their natural looks and color. This enhances the splendor of any home. Cleaning the blinds regularly keeps them looking good and new. However, doing this regularly (as required) is a chore to most people. That is why they tend to leave it to build up dust and grime over time.

This creates a layer that is tough to get out when cleaning. This article will guide you on how to go about both regular and scheduled cleaning of your wood blinds. I will show you step by step how to clean wood blinds easily, and keep them clean.

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Types of Wood Blinds

Different Types Of Wood Blinds

There are many types of wood blinds and the cleaning methods are somewhat similar. However, you should always take the type of materials used, into consideration.

Faux Wood Blinds – These types are the easiest to clean, as they are more durable and resist warping. They can be dust cleaned or spot cleaned with warm water and then blot dried afterwards. This also applies to Venetian blinds.

Wooden Blinds – These types warp easily when subjected to excess moisture. You can clean them by dusting them with a soft cloth or using a vacuum with a feather duster. If water will be used at all, the cloth must be wrung dry before using it to wipe the blinds. This also applies to bamboo blinds.

Dusting the Wood Blinds

Dusting the wood blinds will keep it clean without the use of any liquid. It is the quickest cleaning method of getting your blinds clean. Here are some materials you might need for dusting your wood blinds.

  • Cotton Gloves
  • Feather Duster
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • checkVacuum Cleaner

Step 1

Open the blinds completely and dust it with the feather duster. This will get out the excess dust on the blinds. Then use a microfiber cloth to clean out the rest. The microfiber cloth picks up particles and attaches themselves to small dirt fibers on your blinds. You can get them online or any hardware store.

How To Clean Wood Blinds

You can equally use the cotton gloves if you wish. The cotton gloves let you use your fingers to reach any areas that the feather duster cannot reach you can get them online or at any hardware store.

Step 2

Close the blinds and make sure they are flat against your window. Choose a side of the wooden slat and clean them. Wipe each of the wooden slats from left to right with the microfiber cloth or cotton gloves. Focus on each of the slats to get the best out of them. Rotate the blinds using the adjusting rod to open the blinds. Clean and dust again and then move to the second side to repeat the process.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean the Wood Blinds

You can also get the dust off you wood blinds by using a vacuum cleaner. This method is more efficient than using the microfiber cloth or cotton gloves. By using the brush dust attachment on your vacuum cleaner, you can get your wood blinds cleaner and easier. Open the blinds and taking a slat in one hand, brush over the slat with the other carefully.

If the slats at the top are not easy to reach, use a sturdy stool to get to it. This will avoid over-reaching and pull on the slats. You can also vacuum the slats by tilting them up or down a bit.

Alternatively, you can take down the blinds, lay it on the floor carefully, and then use the vacuum on it. However, make sure that an old blanket or towel is used to protect both the blinds and your floor covering to prevent any damage.

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Washing the Wood Blinds

This method involves cleaning the wood blinds with water. If your blinds have too much of dirt build up, dusting it may not fully clean them.

There is no need to use any cleaners or chemicals with the water as these might create streaks and stains that can deteriorate the blinds. However, if the blinds are too dirty, you might spray a little commercial wood cleaner on the blinds and wipe them with a rag to make them look neat and shiny after cleaning.

Materials you might need:

  • A bucket of warm water
  • A small cloth or rag
  • A dry rag


How To Wash Blinds

Get a clean soft cotton rag and dab into a bucket of warm water. Squeeze the cloth and use it to wipe the slate of the blinds from one end to another. Your wood blind does not need prolonged contact with water as it can cause the blinds to warp and spot. So always squeeze out the water on the rag and then lightly use it to clean the slats.

Keep the wood blind at an almost closed position to make the cleaning easier. Wipe each individual slat slowly starting from one end to the other. Focus on areas with more stain and scrub harder using a circular motion.

After cleaning, make sure to dry each of the slats with a dry rag or microfiber cloth. This will prevent the wood blinds from getting spots or warps. Slant the slats over and repeat the process by wiping and drying them.

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Do not dust your wood blinds back and forth, just wipe them from one side to the other.

How To Vacuum Window Blinds

Always remember that excess moisture on your wooden blinds can cause damage causing them to warp and expand so it highly advised being very careful when trying to clean with water.

Vacuum cleaners have powerful suctions, so if you are using a vacuum, do not use anything other than a soft brush attachment as it can scratch out your blinds. Always vacuum across the slats and not up and down.

After cleaning the blinds, you might want to enhance their appearance using a non-wax furniture polish. So always check whether the polish you are about to use is furniture polish or not from the manufacturer.

Remember to wipe the wood blinds clean after using any commercial wood cleaners.

How to Clean Wood Blinds – Final Thoughts

As crude and stressful as this process looks, it is a necessary job considering the fact that the majority of the ventilation comes from the windows. If your wood blinds are dirty and dusty, the air coming into the house will be polluted as soon as it reaches the blinds.

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If you keep on top of cleaning your wooden blinds, and give them a quick wipe or dust every day, you will eliminate the need for more vigorous cleaning further down the road.


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