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Quiet Vacuum Cleaners – The Best (Almost) Silent Models

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If you have young children, you know all too well that when they are sleeping you do everything in your power to keep the noise in the house to a minimum.

Here’s the problem:

Most parents use this precious time to catch up with a bit of housework. But you don’t want to use the vacuum cleaner and risk waking the child.

Or consider this:

You work all day, and when you come home at night you like to give your living space a quick clean.

But you don’t want to use the vacuum cleaner for worry of disturbing your neighbors at unreasonable times of the day.

Luckily for you, I have the solution for both problems.

A Comprehensive Look at Quieter Vacuums – How To Define Quieter?

In my research, I wanted to find the quietest vacuum cleaners available today. Now, there are quieter vacuums, but the quality was not as good as these five models.

I wanted to strike a balance between quietness and usefulness, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a vacuum that will not disturb anyone, and will also clean your home perfectly.

Vacuum cleaner noise levels are generally at a rate of 70-80 decibels. All the vacuums on this list are capable of running at below 65dB. You may not think this a big difference, but consider this:

60dB is about half the noise of 70dB, and 70dB is around half the noise of 80dB, due to the logarithmic nature of the decibel scale.

This means a vacuum cleaner running at 65 decibels will be up to 75% quieter than one running at 80 decibels. I think you’ll agree that is a huge difference.

1. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ – Quietest Canister Vacuum

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It comes as no surprise that the top two vacuums on my list are manufactured by Miele. They may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of a vacuum cleaner manufacturer but Miele consistently produces models that are engineered to the highest standards.

They also ensure that every part of their machines is designed in a way to reduce noise, and that is why the Miele Compact C2 Electro+ (link to Amazon) sits proudly on this list of the quietest vacuum cleaners.

Featuring the Famous Vortex Silent Motor

All of the latest Miele vacuums contain the Vortex silent motor, and it is one of the main reasons why these machines are so quiet.

The Compact C2 Electro+ has 6 variable speed settings depending on which surface you are cleaning, with the lowest setting producing an ultra-quiet 55 decibels. When you consider that most mainstream vacuums output around the 80dB mark, this is a huge reduction in noise.

Most cleaning jobs can be completed with the third or fourth power setting, which will produce in the region of 58-62dBs. If you really need to use the highest power setting, then your ears will be subjected to a noise roughly around 67dB. This is still much quieter than the average of 70-80 decibels.

Accessories That You Will Actually Use

Like most vacuums (and especially more expensive ones) the Compact C2 Electro+ comes with different tools that help you clean more efficiently.

The main added extra is the Electro Plus Floorhead (which is why this model is called the Electro+).  It is quite heavy compared to the Parquet Floorhead, I’m assuming this is because of all the wires and other bits that make it ‘Electro Plus’.

However, the whole system is well designed and the weight is distributed quite nicely when using the Electro Plus Floorhead.

The Electro Plus Floorhead is designed for thick carpets and rugs, and it works exceptionally well. No more fighting with a vacuum hose, trying to navigate through thick terrain. Instead, it is a pleasant glide across the thick material, and you will be shocked at how much dirt it picks up.

Other accessories include the Parquet Floorhead which works amazingly well on hard surfaces, a Dusting Brush, an Upholstery Tool, and a Crevice Nozzle. These tools are conveniently housed on the vacuum itself, so you don’t need to hunt for them when you need to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Final Thoughts

If your budget is a bit smaller or you lack a lot of space, then this vacuum will be the perfect match for you. It is quiet, lightweight, and powerful, and when you combine that with Miele’s engineering precision, the Compact C2 Electro+ will definitely not disappoint.

2. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

If you are looking for the ultimate in quiet, powerful, and adjustable cleaning the Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog is definitely for you. It has everything that you would want in a vacuum, and the fact that it operates more quietly than most other vacuums I have tested is an added bonus.

As one reviewer put it, think of a motorcycle that revs its engine really loudly and then think of a moped; this vacuum is the moped in terms of efficiency and silence.

In areas where noise needs to be controlled, you will seriously be happy with this vacuum.

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Quiet and Powerful Thanks to the Vortex Silent Motor System

The C3 Cat & Dog vacuum contains Miele’s Vortex motor, which is an upgrade from the previous 2-fan motor. The Vortex motor is a feat of engineering genius; it is 29% lighter than its predecessor, almost 10% more powerful, and has 26% more suction power. And did I mention it is also quieter?

All this means that you get a vacuum cleaner that is quiet, light, powerful, and well built. Miele is so confident in the robustness of this machine that they offer a 7-year warranty.

The Complete C3 Cat and Dog vacuum features six-speed settings, which can be controlled by a footswitch. Even on the highest setting, the noise will not exceed 65 decibels. On the lowest setting, it will be somewhere around 56dB. I found that almost all surfaces could be thoroughly cleaned on the third-speed setting.

Active AirClean Sealed Filtration System

Miele’s unique AirClean filtration system captures and retains over 99.9% of all lung-damaging particles. The AirClean system contains a HEPA filter to capture all of these tiny particles and an activated charcoal filter that neutralizes and absorbs odors. This is all contained in a sealed environment so nothing can escape.

The Complete C3 comes with a variety of tools and accessories to ensure that it is ideal to use on any surface. The Electro Plus Electrobrush is used for medium to high-pile carpeting, as well as smooth surfaces. Ideal for upholstery and other delicate materials, the Mini Turbobrush can also give your stairs a good clean.

Combining any of these tools with the variable speed means that you can clean literally anything you need to.

Final Thoughts

The folks at Miele know how to make a quality product and there are multiple reasons why the Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister (link to Amazon) is such a great choice. It is not the cheapest vacuum on the market, but with a 7-year guarantee, you can be sure that this vacuum has been built to last.

If you want quiet, powerful, and lightweight, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better quality machine than this.

3. Shark Rotator Professional – Quietest Upright Vacuum Cleaner

SharkNinja has continually impressed me and with the Shark Rotator Professional, it is not surprising as to why I remain impressed.

The Rotator is a bagless vacuum that features an ultra-quiet operation, which is something that stands out to me.

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Budget-wise, the Rotator is a more middle-of-the-line sort of vacuum so it will not cost you too much should you invest in it.

The one thing the Rotator does well is its reaching capabilities. It has a 30-foot cord length allowing for a more extended cleaning area and features an extended above floor reach. Combined with its hose being able to reach up to 12 feet, the Rotator has a great range.

Many pet owners, in particular, have spoken well about this vacuum as it not only reaches the areas that their pets go but sucks up the hair left behind rather well.

For being a vacuum that is prided on its ultra-quiet operation, the suction behind the Rotator really does not take away from that silence. Some users have noted that while it is quieter than most vacuums they have used, that you may still have to talk a little louder to have a normal conversation.

The folks at SharkNinja claim that the Rotator has a never loses suction-based technology and after reading most of the reviews, I have to say that I am inclined to agree.

It is definitely one of the best Shark vacuums you can buy.

The Shark Rotator does floors rather well and can clean both carpets and bare floors. In addition, the Rotator has enhanced swivel steering which makes it more efficient in cleaning different styles of floors.

The filtration system in the vacuum is a HEPA filter, which is washable. The best vacuums have HEPA filters, and they are a nice addition as they do well in the fight against allergies. The filter has a complete seal technology which helps fend off dirt and grime.

There is also the nice addition of the HEPA filter which can easily be washed without much of a hassle. If you are looking for a vacuum that can get the job done, the Shark Rotator is more than likely your best bet.

4. Dyson V8 Absolute – Quietest Cordless Vacuum

The thing about Dyson is that they have yet to create a vacuum that I disapprove of. The V8 Absolute Cord-Free vacuum is one that I find absolutely brilliant and even though it does not top this list, it still earns its spot.

Many reviewers like the V8 and for a lot of great reasons, but it can get rather pricey when budgeting for a vacuum cleaner.

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Perhaps one of the biggest strengths of the V8 is that it is quieter than prior Dyson vacuums, particularly the V6.

Like Miele’s Complete Cat & Dog, the V8 features a powerful suction force, which works well on all floors, and manages to be extremely quiet at the same time.

In fact, the V8 offers what is called a ‘max power mode’ where it allows a user up to seven minutes of a higher suction when cleaning. This makes it an ideal vacuum for dirtier areas.

The versatility of the V8 is not to be forgotten. When needed, the V8 is able to transform itself into a handheld vacuum.

Even while in a handheld form the V8 still retains its quiet capabilities, and in my view, it is the quietest handheld vacuum cleaner you can buy. It also features a HEPA filter which helps tracks down dirt and allergens, plus its hygienic dirt ejector makes it easy to get rid of the grime.

The one interesting feature of the V8 is that it is indeed cord-free. Unlike most cord-less type vacuums, the V8 has a rather strong battery life and the runtime averages around 40 minutes, which is the highest total I have seen yet for a cordless vacuum.

Some users love the cordless aspect of the V8 while others say the charging time takes too long.

This is an issue I feel is up to the user’s preference as I personally like the advancement in technology, but can understand the charging issue.

It is ideal for hard surfaces because of the cordless feature.

However, with the good comes the bad. While for the most part, the V8 is a solid choice, according to multiple users it does have issues with the max suction not lasting very long and that there is no flex hose, making it harder to clean the areas out of reach.

Personally, if a vacuum lacks such a crucial component, then I have to wonder about the overall nature of the rest of the vacuum.

Despite some users claiming the suction is not strong enough, I believe the suction, for the most part, makes up for the lack of a hose, but it still is an inconvenience to not feature the flex hose.

All in all, the Dyson V8 Absolute (link to Amazon) packs a punch and delivers on the cordless feature along with ways to easily dispose of dirt. That said, the lack of a flex hose and debatable suction can be worrisome, but I still think this is a solid vacuum. It does run a little high price-wise, but with the tradeoff of a guaranteed 40 minutes of cleaning,

I think this has to be one of the better cordless vacuums.

What to Look for in a Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

While a competent, consistent, and durable vacuum is certainly nice, looking at what specifically makes it work is just as important.

Many of the great vacuums that are noted for being quiet usually have something else about them that stand out such as transitioning easily from carpet to hardwood floor, or a powerful suction feature.

The one thing to consider before buying a vacuum is assessing your own needs regarding a vacuum.

There is a multitude of factors to consider when in the market for a vacuum, and hopefully, these few factors below can help you with your next purchase.

How Quiet is Quiet Enough?

When looking for a quiet vacuum, you may want to ask yourself exactly how quiet are you looking for.

The most obvious answer may be that you are looking for one that emits virtually no noise, but in reality, there is no such thing as a noiseless or no-noise vacuum cleaner.

All of the products on this page are low-noise vacuum cleaners, and they all make less noise than traditional vacuum cleaners.

The nice thing that some vacuums offer is an increase in the speed and suction motions without really growing loud. Some vacuums will even tell you the decibel range that they work under, which is a much welcome feature as the technology continues to expand for vacuums.

However, do note that there is no single vacuum that is completely quiet and those that offer that feature may run you up a bit dollar-wise, but in the end, that may be worth it to you.

What’s Your Price Range?

The prior segment helps tie nicely into this one which is, what do you believe your budget to be? If you are looking for a long-term investment, then perhaps it would be in your best interest to look at a vacuum that has a longer life.

Most vacuums now have pretty solid builds, but the hoses can be a little suspect, so it is important to factor in all aspects of a vacuum.

My philosophy is, is that if I am spending the money on something I know I will continually use, I would rather pay a little more for it now so that I know what I am getting.

For you, this may not be the case if you have a rather tight budget, but if you are able to allow yourself that extra wiggle room, I highly recommend getting something you think will fit your needs.

What Type of Vacuum Suits Your Needs?

There are so many different types of vacuums out there that trying to narrow them all down would be impossible. But ask yourself this, which kind is the best for you? If you are looking to not do all the cleaning yourself, then maybe a Roomba is what suits your needs.

There are many types to choose from such as bagged or bagless, corded or cordless, and even the kinds of vacuums in general such as canister, upright, handheld, and more.

It is almost impossible to find a near-silent handheld vacuum, due to the small and compact nature of these machines. A quiet upright vacuum will usually emit more noise than a quiet canister vacuum.

Each type of vacuum work differently than the other, which means some may fall into higher or lower price ranges than each other. So when considering your next vacuum, study up on the different types and see which one matches your thought process.

Are You Looking for Accessories?

Many vacuums offer accessories such as extensions for air hoses or even components that can help clean a carOpens in a new tab.. If you do not really need all the knickknacks that come with a vacuum cleaner, then perhaps your best bet is just a simple vacuum that in the end will probably cost you a lot less.

However, if you buy a vacuum that has some different features and accessories, this can save you in the long run from buying other products that can do the same job. You should also factor in where you will be cleaning and if the harder-to-reach areas can be easily cleaned.

Where Will You Spend the Majority of Your Cleaning?

Smaller areas may not require as much maintenance rather than a more open area, but if pets or even children come into play, then maybe the size of the area does not matter.

Most vacuums are equipped to handle the majority of an apartment or house so the real question is, where are you spending a lot of the time cleaning? Is there a corner you just cannot get clean or maybe there is a certain area of the carpet that sees a lot of traffic?

Either way, you will want to consider how much cleaning will be done and exactly where the targeted areas are. If your vacuum cleaner is making a loud noise and you worry about disturbing your neighbors, it may be time to purchase a silent vacuum cleaner.

How Often Are You Cleaning?

Some vacuums require more maintenance than others and that can be for multiple reasons. Perhaps the filter on a vacuum gets clogged more or maybe the hose has issues.

 I have read about numerous users who had to call and have a part of their vacuum, if sometimes not the whole thing, replaced because it fell apart or simply stopped working after a while.

To me, durability is the name of the game when it comes to vacuuming because of not only how much it can be used, but it is moved around so much too. One thing some users forget to consider is storage space and simply shoving a vacuum in a tight closet may damage the wires or even the vacuum itself.

Hopefully, some of these pointers were able to help you out in your decision to buy a vacuum. As I said before, buying a vacuum is not necessarily easy, especially when you consider all of the areas that go into it such as frequent usage, areas that you may want to be cleaned more often, price range, and more.

I know that when I go shopping for a vacuum, or really any electronic device, I want to see how much I can get out of it and if what it offers is what I need. There a lot of considerations to take in when shopping for a vacuum, but do not let it intimidate you. After all, a clean living space is the end goal.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I hope that this guide on the quieter vacuums on the market was able to help you. Finding the right vacuums, especially one that lives up to our own standards is not easy to do, given that many of us work with budgets. The most quiet vacuum cleaner is hard to find, and you should now have a better idea of what that is.

I will say this though; the best deal you can find is with Miele’s Complete C3 Cat and DogOpens in a new tab..

For all of the features that the Complete C3 has, I would feel foolish passing this vacuum up just simply because of the price. Even then, this vacuum is by far not the most expensive vacuum I have seen so this became a big factor to me.

The Miele is the most silent vacuum cleaner on my list, although it is in no way completely silent. If you need a baby-friendly vacuum that will reduce noise, then this is your best bet.

If I’m looking for a quality vacuum, I want one that can assess my personal needs which are that it can clean a bigger area, is relatively quiet and has adjustable suction levels.

The Miele C3 Cat and Dog for me fits all of those criteria and not to mention, it is lightweight as well. The flexibility and range of this vacuum cleaner are unmatched and I cannot endorse it enough.

The other vacuums on this list should not be overlooked as I think that they are rather solid vacuums as well. Most, however, had one detail that I could not overlook which made me think twice. But the Complete C3 Cat & Dog takes it home for me. This vacuum has an astounding amount of positive reviews and since I have been using it, I can see why it gained so much popularity.


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