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3 Simple Ways To Remove A Red Wine Stain From Your Carpet

No matter if you have had some friends over for a little party or if the kids have been driving you nuts all day and you needed a glass of red wine once they went to bed, red wine is tasty and just generally awesome! What is not awesome is when you or someone else spills red wine on your carpet.

Well, today I have for you a few different ways that you can get wine out of your carpet. Now I do not have a drinking problem or make a habit of spilling red wine on my carpet, but I can tell you these methods do work!

Get To Work Fast!

Red wine is the worst thing you can leave laying on your carpet so before we get to the different methods, no matter what one you decide to do, you need to get as much of the stain up as possible right away.

You do this by blotting up the stain. Do not rub it into the carpet! Instead, blot the area from the edges of the stain and work your way in. Do this in a slow and controlled manner to avoid making the stain any bigger. If the stain is really bad, you can drop a little water on there to blot it a little bit more, this can help get a little extra red wine off the carpet before you start.

Wine Stain on Carpet

How To Get Red Wine Out Of A Carpet Using A Vinegar Cocktail

No, we are not talking some kind of martini with a kick here, but regular old white vinegar and let me tell you it has to be white vinegar as others can leave a stain.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is make your white vinegar mix that you are going to use. You want to use two cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Give them all a good mixing together.

Step 2

You need two clean cloths for this step. First of all, you want to dip one rag into the solution you just made and blot the red wine stain. The idea here is that this solution is going to loosen up those stains and make them come out so much easier.

With the other cloth, you want to dab and clean up the solution/stain. Keep using the solution and drying it up as you go and you will notice the stain start to lessen.

Vinegar Removing Vine Stain

Step 3

Now you need to use another clean cloth and this time you are pouring a little bit of water on the stain (to dilute it) and then you can dry it up a little bit as you go.

This is not a one and done kind of deal, you may have to do this a handful of times. The one thing that you need to watch for is your dabbing towel. You need to make sure that it is always clean so that you are not putting the stain back on the carpet.

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet With White Wine And Baking Soda

Yes, I know this sounds like one very weird concoction, but this has been proven to work like a charm……. However, it all depends if you can get over the fact you are using white wine as a cleaning product instead of drinking it!

Step 1

Pour a little bit of white wine onto the red wine stain. The rule of thumb here is one drop for the carpet and one drop for you, or maybe that is just something I have made up. The white wine works by diluting the red wine.

Step 2

Using a standard sponge, you need to very gently blot the mixture of red and white wine that you have created. Gently is the key here as this way you are soaking up the stain, without pressing it into the carpet.

Step 3

Now I know that this sounds gross, but what you need to do now is create a baking soda paste. You can use dry baking soda but mixing baking soda with a little bit of water so that it makes a paste is a much more effective way. Spread it all over the stain, do not be stingy, really spread it over!

Step 4

Next up, you need another clean cloth and you want to cover the pasted covered red wine stain with it. Place a heavy book on top of the cloth so that the paste gets really stuck into the carpet fibers. Leave it overnight and get ready to tackle it in the morning, if you still have the white wine bottle handy, have a swig.

Step 5

The next day, you will notice that the baking soda has formed a bunch of yucky clumps, but do not worry these clumps will contain the red wine that stained your carpet. Use a vacuum to clean it all up and you are done.

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet Using Salt

You can use your salt from the cupboard for this.

Step 1

Pour salt over the red wine stain while it is wet. The salt is going to absorb the moisture from the wine.

Step 2

Let the salt sit, you may be looking at quite a few hours or even overnight, but the salt will start to get a pinkish color to it.

Step 3

Use a spoon to scoop up as much salt as you can. Once you have scooped up as much as you can, you can then use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the rest and you should notice that the stain is gone.

As you can see none of these methods are particularly hard and they all do work in their own way. The only thing I will say is that chances are, you are not going to get all the red wine off your carpet with the first attempt. Each of these methods may take a couple of tries and if you feel fancy, you can even mix it up and try a couple of different methods one after the other.


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