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Top Tips for Cleaning your House on a Budget

Some people hate it, others love it, but the fact remains that virtually everyone prefers to live in a clean house rather than a dirty one. It takes some time, patience, and effort to clean up any home, but most people have enough of those to make it work; the real puzzle is figuring out how to clean your house on a budget.

Cleaning supplies and services can be found aplenty no matter where you are, and it seems that most options are much more expensive than you would expect. The good news is that it’s possible to cut some corners and employ a few tricks to considerably minimize your expenses.

Get the Right Cleaning Supplies

Budget Cleaning Supplies

To begin with, you’ll need to assemble your home cleaning kit (so to speak), and by staying smart it’s possible to avoid many of the pitfalls that end up breaking other people’s bank accounts. To stay within the constraints of a small budget, you’ll want to purchase:

 A pair of yellow rubber gloves. They are invaluable in virtually any cleaning scenario and are extremely cheap, usually sold at dollar stores.

A squeegee. It can easily be found on the cheap as well and is a great tool for cleaning windows.

Dusting microfiber cloths. While they may bear a fancy name, these kinds of clothes are actually a dime a dozen and can be reused countless times if you make the effort to wash them.

Baking soda. It’s cheap, a small box of it will do, and it has a wide variety of applications when cleaning the house. It can be used to deodorize, remove tough stains from various surfaces, thoroughly scrub through all the dirt that pots and pans accumulate, and that’s just for starters.

How To Use Baking Soda As A Carpet Cleaner

A bottle of white vinegar. It’s the inexpensive and practical alternative to a chemical sterilizing agent. Indeed, vinegar can be used to disinfect virtually any surface around the house, not to mention that it also makes for a rather decent window cleaner. It can even clean your bath jets.

A scrubbing pad. These can usually be bought in bulk at very affordable prices and are necessary for cleaning bathroom tiles thoroughly.

A decent vacuum cleaner. It’s almost impossible to keep your home clean without one, and a cheap vacuum cleaner can often perform just as well as more expensive models.

Finally, you’ll want to acquire the classic cleaning instruments that have stood the test of time: a broom, a mop, and a general cleansing agent. Without them, cleaning your floors will prove, to put it lightly, a daunting task.

A Couple of Money-Saving Tips to Keep in Mind

The first thing you’ll need to do if you want to keep down the cost of cleaning your home is to continue doing it regularly. While it may sound counter-intuitive, spending a few minutes cleaning every day will ultimately require you to use less of your products in the long run as you’ll be needing very little of them to get the job done.

Read more about cheap flooring ideas if you are on a tight budget.

Otherwise, if you let the dirt accumulate you’ll end up using a lot more of your cleaning arsenal.

The second thing you must do is continue your research. There are plenty of other household products, such as cornstarch and lemon juice, which can be used to work cleaning miracles at a laughable cost to you; as you can imagine, there are plenty of secrets of the trade left for you to discover.


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