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How To Organize a Bathroom Closet With Deep Shelves

If you like large storage space, then you might have deep-shelved bathroom closets. These come with extra space to store your essentials. However, as much as they’re great, bathroom closets with deep shelves can also be hard to arrange and keep neat. 

If you’re struggling with keeping your deep-shelved bathroom closets neat, here are some tips you can use to organize it:

  1. Store frequently used items in the front of the closets.
  2. Stack towels, blankets, and quilts on each other.
  3. Add a rod at the top of the closet.
  4. Reorganize your items seasonally.
  5. Use containers or baskets to organize the spaces.
  6. Leave the back of the shelf empty if you can’t fill it.

Read on to understand how you can use these tips to make your deep-shelved bathroom closets more organized. 

1. Store Frequently Used Items in the Front of the Closets

Bathroom closets with deep shelves have all the space most people crave in their bathroom storage areas. However, it can be hard to access items stored away at the back of the closets. 

For convenience, store essentials you frequently use on the front of your bathroom closets. These items could include:

  • Soaps shower gels.
  • Toilet papers.
  • Toothpaste and brushes.
  • Hair brushes.
  • Perfumes and lotions. 

You can fill up the extra space at the back of the closets with the items you don’t use much. 

If you have different sets of towels, arrange them in one section of the deep-shelved closets. Put the frequently used body and hand towels at the front, and stack the extras at the back of the closet. 

This way, it’ll be easier to retrieve your items without making a mess, and you’ll have an organized bathroom. 

2. Stack Towels, Quilts, and Blankets on Each Other

Have you noticed how easy it is for blankets, quilts, and towels to fall out of position as you remove a piece from the bathroom closet? 

Clothes are easily disarranged with the slightest disturbance. If this has been a common problem in your deep-shelved bathroom closet, the best thing is to stack the blankets, quilts, or towels on each other. 

The weight will help to keep them neatly arranged, and it’s easier to identify what you need when you need it.

For instance, you can arrange the clothes in their colors or functionality. Put all the hand towels in one stack, have another stack for blankets, and another for quilts. 

If you have many items with the same purpose, stack them in their colors. For instance, stack the whites in one corner and the colored towels in another. 

3. Add a Rod at the Top of the Closet

Sometimes it can be hard to find small items (such as shorts and gloves) in a closet with deep shelves. If you have such struggles, a rod at the top of the closet is ideal for your storage needs. 

You can have the gloves, scarves, and shorts on the rod for easy access. It’ll save you a lot of time when you need to wear these items because you won’t have to rummage through all the closet’s contents. 

4. Reorganize Your Items Seasonally

Different seasons come with different bathroom needs, and you must keep your bathroom shelves updated. To do this, you must reorganize the shelves every season and put the more required items at the front. 

For instance, in the summer, you’ll need your tanning lotion and beach towels more than in the winter. As such, you need to keep them at the front of your deep-shelved bathroom closet. 

Keep rotating the items in your closet, and throw out used containers or worn-out clothes to create more space for new entries. 

After the summer, you can stack your beach towels and shorts at the back of the closet and put away your tanning lotion for use in the next summer season. You could even use containers and baskets to categorize these items. 

5. Use Containers or Baskets To Organize the Spaces

Deep shelves in bathroom closets translate to big spaces that can be hard to organize. However, you can use the container or basket hack to ensure all of your items are securely organized in the closets. 

If you have a variety of bathroom essentials, you can put them in well-labeled containers before placing them in deep-shelved closets. This helps to give your closets a neat and more organized look. It also makes it easier for you to retrieve your essentials when you need them. 

For instance, you can categorize the essentials according to the users. Have a labeled container for each family member where they keep their lotions, shampoos, and shower gels.

You can also go for a more customized look in your closet with baskets for storing your towels and other clothes, and label the baskets for easy identification of the contents. 

Baskets give your bathroom spaces a more homely feel and have a unique DIY look.

Besides, using containers or baskets to store your clothes and essentials makes it easier to clean the shelves. You can remove the containers or baskets and return them without having to rearrange all of their contents. 

6. Leave the Back of the Shelf Empty if You Can’t Fill It

Sometimes, the space in your deep-shelved closets is too big, and you simply can’t fill it without cluttering it. 

In this case, less is more. Arrange what you have on the front of your closets and leave the back spaces empty. 

You can easily access the clothes and bathroom essentials and still have that organized look you’ve been craving for your bathroom. 


Bathroom closets with deep shelves come with a lot of space that can look disorganized if you don’t know how to arrange your clothes and bathroom items. 

If you fancy such large spaces, you must take proactive measures to ensure your bathroom stays organized. Play around with the extra space and add a personal touch to the area to make it more organized.

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